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Hi, I am Alyosha. I do TASes and emulator development. I'm most interested in NES console verifications at the moment. I also work on the First 500 project.

I'm using this page mainly as a TO-DO list. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to pm me.



DMC Start up behaviour | Research

Power on timing | Research

DMC DMA on multi-write instructions | Not Started

NES Console Tests

Good candidates are games that:

-Don't use the DMC channel

-Don't use IRQ's

-Don't do non-standard things (like turn off rendering mid scanline)

It's preferred that games aren't sensitive to start up state.

Currently testing:


Bionic Commando

Donkey Kong Jr.

BizHawk TODO

- TMS9928 Graphics chip for Coleco and SMS/GG

- Intellivoice

- A2600 controllers

- A7800 2600 mode (maybe)

- New CPU cores? What systems?

- More NESHawk work

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