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Miscellaneous game ideas I will probably never have time to implement, deposited here.

This page has nothing to do with TASing.

These ideas mostly address adventure RPGs, my favourite genre.

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Point and click on shelves, the character walks there. "item, price, buy?" Must pay on the counter. Possibility of shoplifting. Other people shop too.

I liked the scene in Star Ocean 2 when the player character's party is talking to some clerk, and someone else comes and interrupts, also addressing the clerk, totally ignoring the party.

Nonverbal communication

I liked the Prehistoric chapter of Live a Live. In that, none of the characters speak a word. Instead, they emote a lot. Speech bubbles exist, but they can only contain a single emoticon.

Can the same system work in sci-fi setting? Can you live and function in a high-tech society, yet have no language based on words?
Technicians and coders who know their business, but they cannot talk; they use simple culture-independent gestures; they hear and smell perfectly.

Volcano-rich world

Waterworlds are too common. Volcanoes are considerably rarer. Okay, a short time after I had written this, coincidentally, a certain RPG that I frequented got implemented a lava and volcano filled continent.

Forest fires that travel continuously across the world, with vegetation growing back before the fire comes again.

Origin of ancient ruins

Ancient ruins are a staple cliche of adventure games. But who create ancient ruins? Idea: In this game, you can design those dungeons.

Who create caverns?


Books written in illegible language, providing hints for the dungeon's structure. Intelligence gathered through the dungeon for understanding the books.


Star Ocean series has an extensive talents system. Extrapolating here.

Maximization of misery

Main article: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/story/rpg/design/#MaximizationOfMisery
The basic idea is to pull the rug off the players' feet every once in a while; just when you think it can't get worse, you get proven wrong.

Spirit world

This is actually based on a dream I had once.

Airplane or something like that is hijacked; the player character is there.
Then the airplane explodes.
The player character ends up in some kind of spiritual world.
In my vision the setting (place) was the (large) courtyard of a school I went to as a child.
There are lots of people in that area, still far from each others.
Graphical style is that of Final Fantasy IV.
A small halo surrounds each of them, as though a lantern in foggy weather.
Cannot reach anyone of them (they don't react or otherwise they cannot be contacted).
Or, when you become a spirit being yourself, you can contact them. The beings live in a timeless state; that is, when you are there, no actual human present there moves (it is a moment frozen in time). If you ask them why they live in that particular moment, the answer is that they do not; it is you who is in that particular moment. And then it is demonstrated how they view some other location in time. But you have to return to the same era; otherwise, returning to one's own body is impossible, because the "cord of life" is cut irrecovably.

Protagonist, yet not a hero or a villain

The game tells some epic story, but the protagonist is an unimportant side character.

For example, a chef. The chef works in a restaurant. The "hero" and their party occasionally dines in that restaurant and chat with the chef. The quality of the chef's service has a significant impact on the effect on the performance of the hero's party.
Idea: "We couldn't do it without the chef!"

However, it must not concentrate too much on worshipping the hero: Otherwise, the clients leave, and the heroes feel themselves embarrassed, and they leave too. Multichoice type conversations with the hero.

The story of the game is revealed slowly through the discussions between the chef and the hero's party.

Elemental cooking

The nutrition value of food is built on elements. Use elements in cooking?

Time travel

Oh yes.

An abundance of excess rooms

TASK: Solve puzzle

Item: Time travel machine

You must not do anything that conflicts with your past experiences

Game over:

Always show a clock somewhere.
Timetravel of course changes the clock.


Miscellaneous items

Or some other item with no apparent use. And then you open doors with it.
A sausage shop where you can buy just one type of sausages and absolutely nothing else?

Crodile named Julissi (I liked the Belgium entry to Eurovision song contest in 2008)

Lots and lots of items

Somehow, intentionally ruin the game for people who subscribe to the schools of Too Awesome To Use

Diamonds of different tint
Tint indicates chemical components present in the crystal
A plentitude of those diamonds
Some task for the diamonds to do
A shop where you can buy a raincloud
You can ask what the cloud does.
You won't receive the cloud. Rather, it's a promise that a cloud will appear somewhere.
It will appear when you stand on an open field, and it will rain directly on top of the character, soaking him wet. And it will not go away. It will follow the character, even inside.


Technical note:

Point and click moving. The character walks to the spot. A light obstacle avoiding algorithm. If the click is on an event activator, the activator is triggered when the character is at the location, unless clicked elsewhere before that. Activators can be view transitions, talking with characters, or accessing items.


If there is a girl NPC, her name must end with a .JPEG
Because there are no girls in the Internet, except those whose name ends in .JPEG!

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