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Guidelines for players

Competition is welcome.

  • Many players compete with themselves, trying to improve their own movies until there's nothing to improve. This is good.
  • To prevent the players becoming too content with their plays, it's good to challenge existing movies. Competition breeds perfection.

Be quick.

  • Never wait for anything unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • Compare different paths and select the one that can be done fastest.

Even if you have to wait, look like you don't.

  • If possible, hide your waits by averaging them in a larger time scale.

Keep an eye for low probabilities.

  • If something most likely doesn't happen, make it happen. The game is only as random as you are.
  • You can affect the outcomes of lotteries. You can affect the behavior of monsters.
  • If you drool over a route that seems blocked but would speed up your play significantly, find out how to go through, over or under it.
  • Don't sleep. You are supposed to be the master of the game, not the slave of the game. Aim for the impossible. Drool.

Be interesting.

  • If you have choice, try to do things in a more impressive way than the easy way.
  • If enemies are hard to kill, kill them.
  • If an object is hard to miss, miss it.
  • It's better to leave your audience asking "how" instead of "why".
  • Avoid repeating your stunts too much.

Be accurate.

  • Don't miss your target.
  • Even with autofire, don't shoot more shots than you need to.
  • Don't jump longer/higher jumps than you need to.
  • Don't have slow reactions. Act as soon as possible. Don't stand still for even 0.2s, if it is not necessary. Redo it until you succeed. Yes, it does take some time to get it right.
  • Don't waste effort collecting items you will never need - unless you can get them without wasting time.

Be determined.

  • If you choose to do something, don't change your plan while playing.
  • Act like you own the world :)
  • Never hesitate.

Be aware.

  • Be sure you know what kind of exploits you can try.
  • Be sure you know what the internet knows about the game.
  • Probe the game. Try, observe and learn how it calculates things, and use the data to your advantage.

Criticize yourself.

  • Replay and review your movie cynically (or at least objectively). Look at everything that could be improved. Then improve it.

Select your game well.

  • Not all games have potential for entertaining movies.
  • Select the one that give you the best chance to do something absolutely stunning.

The better you follow these guidelines, the more chances there are that people will enjoy your movie.

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