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Rules in submitting movies

We accept these movies:

Nothing else is accepted. We also don't accept multimedia files (AVI, WMV and so on) for various reasons.

Rules in tool-assisted movie making

Famtasia is NTSC - the game should be NTSC as well.

PAL NES games (most European games) are not allowed, unless the USA version does not work.
The problem is that PAL versions play 20% too fast.

The games must be real

The movie should look like it could have been played with
an authentic hardware. This makes it more familiar to the

This details to the following points:

!Hacked games are not allowed
An exception to this are hacks which only make the
game playable on an emulator.
!Game genie codes etc are not allowed

!Cheat-keys and debugging codes are not allowed

Such as Konami's up+up+down+down+etc sequence.
If the key sequence is mentioned in the manual as a normal means of playing, it is (usually) allowed.

!Out-of-emulation postprocessing, such as video editing, is not allowed

(Non-gameplay-altering edits such as adding subtitles are not forbidden.)

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