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Bisqwit / Initial Wiki Pages / Text Formatting Rules

This page lists all formatting rules for text in pages. Most of this text is just copypasted from the similar page in Senseis Library.


  • Words wrap and fill as needed.
  • Use blank lines as separators.
  • Four or more minus signs at the start of a line make a horizontal ruler.
  • %%% makes a linebreak
    (in headings and lists too).
  • In order to use preformated text use "space" as the first character of a line (monospace font).

Example: This is standard text

  This is preformatted text using a monospace font (space as first character).


  • * at the start of a line for first level
  • ** for second level, etc.
  • Use * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists (mix at will)
  • One line for each item
  • Other leading whitespace signals preformatted text, changes font.


  • '!' at the start of a line makes a small heading.
  • '!!' at the start of a line makes a medium heading.
  • '!!!' at the start of a line makes a large heading.
  • '!!!!' at the start of a line makes a main heading. Do not use for other than system pages, because the system will automatically create a heading for you.


  • Use doubled single-quotes ('') for emphasis (italics).
  • Use doubled underscore (__) for strong emphasis (bold).
  • Use doubled parentheses (( and )) for smaller text.
  • Emphasis can be used multiple times within a line, but cannot cross line boundaries.

References (Links)

  • Hyperlinks to other pages can be made by enclosing the word in square brackets: [RecentChanges] or [recent changes].
  • To make hyperlinks to foreign pages, precede them with "http:", "ftp:" or "mu.@uyxf@qa&@kffqkuyoausx8w@+rctudj@.; (obfuscated!) to create links automatically as in: http://www.google.com/.
  • URLs ending with .png, .gif, .jpg are inlined.
  • To left- or right-align an inlined picture, the link text can be "left" or "right" respectively.
  • It is possible to give your link a different name by using square brackets and '|' like this: [FAQ|Questions and answers] produces: Questions and answers.
  • To output brackets as-is, put them in doubles: [[ and ]]

Mark-Up Language (HTML)

  • Don't bother.
  • < and > and & are themselves.

Character set

  • This server uses unicode with UTF-8 encoding. This means that you can use all characters supported by unicode, including the Japanese characters. But please note that not everyone can read them.

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