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Bit Torrent

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The site's servers do not have anywhere near enough bandwidth to distribute 100MB multimedia videos to many users at once. Instead, this site uses BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer method of distributing large amounts of data to many users. Once peers download pieces of the data, they then download from each other.

BitTorrent clients

Here are some choices for BitTorrent clients:

There are other clients as well.

How do I use a .torrent file?

Download a BitTorrent client above, and use it to open the .torrent file.

If you have any existing torrents, you must move the .torrent you want to use to the top so it has download priority. Wait, and the torrent will start downloading. Downloads may be slow, so be patient.

After downloading the file, it should become marked as "seeding". It means the download is complete, but your BitTorrent client keeps uploading the file to other users. We advise you to let it run like that for some time: it will help downloaders like yourself get the file faster.

A normal peer-to-peer file exchange practice suggests giving back as much data as you have received (in other words, reaching an upload/download ratio of 1.0 or higher). If you want to help the community in some way, this is a good place to start.

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