Tool-assisted game movies
When human skills are just not enough


NES SNES Genesis
Movies I'd
love to see
Balloon Fight(2P)
Kid Kool
River City Ransom(2P)
Earthworm Jim 1/2
Pocky & Rocky(2P)
Smart Ball
Sim City
Gain Ground(2P, Hard)
Movies I'd
like to see
Low G Man
Rainbow Islands
Act Raiser 2
Gun Force(2P)
Legend of Zelda: ALttP
Road Runner: DVR
Run Saber(2P)
Tiny Toons
Cool Spot
James Pond
Toejam & Earl(doorless)
X-Men 1&2
Movies I want
Tiny Toons Goof Troop
Mega Man X3
SMW(More entertaining moves)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Rocket Knight Adventures

Possible future projects

Devilish(GEN): I doubt I'd ever get to this, but it'd look so great.
Mega Man X2 improvement(SNES): A bunch of mistakes I shouldn't have made the first time around. I like this run way more than X due to the more varied items and levels(the first is FULL of straightaways).


Battletoads(2P): Familiarity, hard game looking easy
Bucky O'Hare: Fast platform game, use of different characters
Castlevania 3(Alucard): Interesting shortcuts
Contra: Familiarity
Contra 3: Familiarity
Flashback: Hilarious, use of glitches, theme of stealth
Gradius: Creativity
Hitler No Fukkatsu: Familiarity, use of grappling hook
Kid Chameleon: Variety, tricky situations.
Legacy of the Wizard: My favorite time attack. Amazing game, well played.
Marble Madness: Familiarity, creativity
Mega Man 5: Creativity(esp. Super Arrow)
Mega Man X: Familiarity
Mega Man X2: Familiarity, creativity
River City Ransom: Familiarity, creativity
Rockman: Use of glitches
Rockman 2: Familiarity, use of glitches
Sonic & Knuckles: Fast paced
Streets of Rage 2: Variation in moves despite its genre
Super Castlevania 4: Familiarity
Super Mario Brothers 3: Familiarity. The defining time attack.
Super Mario World(96 exit): Familiarity, entertaining moves.
Super Metroid(14%): Familiarity, sequence breaking
Umihara Kawase: Unique game, tricky situations.
Whomp Em: Familiarity, creativity

Least Favorites

Astyanax: Slow moving, repetitive
Chuck Rock: Slow moving, repetitive
Deadly Towers: Slow moving, repetitive
Flintstones: Slow moving, repetitive
Golden Axe: Slow moving, repetitive
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker: Improper move choices
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Repetitive

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Mega Man X

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