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Wait a minute...Boco is...?

Whatever you think applies to Boco, it probably does.

More people use 'Boco' than any other name.
Old enough. Wood ox, if you're into that sort of thing.
Heather's imagination. It seems Boco is not the only figment to have escaped.
Socialist theocrat. Boco believes in corruption of the youth and in informed choice, but not in revolution.
Xian cult. People refuse to understand Boco's view, so Boco identifies as a Child of Noah.

From here, Boco only becomes more complex. Remember, Boco is only a mirror for what perceptions of Boco you already have. This page is only meant as a resource to guide those perceptions and especially lead them away from inaccurate stereotype.

Left-pointing arrow. Boco does not identify in the traditional binary system of male-female. Use whatever pronouns you like, and come to whatever conclusion about Boco's sex that would best aid you in your understanding of Boco. The tasvideos community seems to have agreed on female pronouns, as do most people when referring to Boco.
Sexual orientation:
Complicated. Boco is primarily asexual, but appreciates the beauty of the human form, especially that of androgynes of either (or any) sex. Boco is currently in love with a girl, if that helps you narrow it down any, but maintains that sexual attraction has nothing to do with it.

Boco expects this page will grow as more people ask Boco questions Boco is willing to answer.
Boco also has a LiveJournal that is updated approximately biweekly.

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