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I grew up on video games, and as a result I have a lot of fond memories of late nights with friends just sitting there and playing. This site gives me an opportunity to, in a way, relive those moments from my past. As a result of this, my favourite movies tend to be from games that I spent time playing when I was younger; which is probably the case with 99% of everyone. This can also be seen in the games I have chosen to TAS so far. I've tried to choose games that I've enjoyed in the past, and that I feel would be fast paced enough not to be boring. I will probably be using this page as a place to jot down my ideas for future speedruns. Hopefully this will give other people ideas when making their own. Oh, and it might help me organize ideas or something.

Currently on hiatus from encoding and publishing runs for the site. I really need to get my scripts back in working order so I can start up again on this newer computer.

Current Runs
Ninja Gaiden v1 - 11:20.28 - (Obsolete - Beaten by myself)
Ninja Gaiden v2 - 11:19.61 - (Obsolete - Beaten by Scumtron)
Metroid Zero Mission v1 - 35:56:10 - (Obsolete - Beaten by Dragonfangs)
WIP Runs
GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor About half done, rethinking path. I haven't touched this one in a while.
Metroid Zero Mission Was very close to the end, but new discoveries were found making it obsolete. I may come back to this someday.
The Firemen Small fairly unknown game that I've worked on from time to time. It's probably so unknown because the game was never released in North America, and I strongly suggest people try this great game if they haven't. I'm not sure if I'll finish this run, or submit it if I do.
Future Runs
Super Star Wars I'm waiting for an emulator to be able to play it back with proper sound, and no desyncs.

I have decided to write a guide or two for SDAAT'08 over at SpeedDemosArchive. You see week one's guide here. This game is the original version of the SNES game On the Ball.

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