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Cache Control

Cache controller

This site uses various cache systems for speed and a bytecode accelerator for PHP.


Due to caching, sometimes changes in movie texts / movie categories / submission edits do not become immediately visible to all of the audience of the site.

Here is a list of some of the caching employed:

Wiki pages for non logged in users Entire page is cached to file, and is updated hourly by a bot which deletes all pages which are older than 18 hours. This cache can also be cleared by TASVideoAgent in the IRC channel[1]. Note, that movie publications, as well as text edits to wiki pages will delete old pages immediately.
Movie module For 5 minutes.
Submission pages For 5 minutes.
Submission list For 5 minutes. However different levels of users cache different lists.
Topic feed (news) For 1 hour.
Move change log For 15 minutes.
Front page submission list For 15 minutes.
feed log module For 15 minutes.
Awards Until PHP is restarted, cache version is bumped or cache manually cleared.
Streaming URLs Until PHP is restarted.
Standard RSS Feeds Hourly
Per Movie RSS Feeds Checked hourly for feeds older than 18 hours and updated. This cache can also be cleared by TASVideoAgent in the IRC channel[1].



Storage: 40.54 MB (26168 cached queries), max 64 MB
Efficiency: 773367305 hits, 441489379 inserts, 1591582 not cached
Misc: Been up for 19025459 s
Note: MySQL cache cannot be flushed
(it never returns stale data).

Server 1 (tasvideos)

Network: - in, - out
RAM: 7.78 GB total, 5.49 GB used by progs,
203.32 MB by bufs, 623.39 MB by cache, 1.49 GB free
Swap: 4 GB total, 38% used
Kernel: Linux 4.9.171-anima (x86_64)
Uptime: Been up 39556410 s
Disk space: varies
Note: Network traffic includes
also LAN traffic.

Memcache Server 1 (localhost)

Storage: 16.54 MB (20411 items), max 64 MB
Res. usage: 399.544 s user, 125.01 s system time
Traffic: 77.99 MB in, 1.5 GB out, 249 connections
Efficiency: 216896 hits, 77196 misses
Misc: 294092 gets, 87713 puts, been up for 19023412 s


PHP0: 5.85 MB in use, 64 MB max, 139 items, 669840 hits, 139 misses
PHP1: 7.39 MB in use, 64 MB max, 137 items, 750921 hits, 137 misses
Data0: 1.68 MB in use, 64 MB max, 7825 items, 125073 hits, 47382 misses
Data1: 2.49 MB in use, 64 MB max, 7912 items, 237588 hits, 48646 misses

[1]: To clear cache using TASVideoAgent, enter the #tasvideos channel at irc://irc.freenode.net/tasvideos and type TASVideoAgent: clear cache <pagenameURL> where <pagenameURL> is the full address of the page you want to update.

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