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Hi! I'm Challenger (It's a nickname :p). I don't speak english as much, althrough I learned this language much reading a lot, including on this site, since I found back several years ago.

My TASVideos history

Well, back on December 2010 (day 22, I think), when I watched a speedrun of Super Bomberman (SNES) on Google Video, I noted the url of TASVideos and when I entered for the first time, that was very surprising. I found several runs of lots of games (principally SNES, since is my favorite console that I played on emulator for years). On a short period of time, TASVideos changed my life because how much impressive is these runs!

Work on TASVideos

Well, I joined on TASVideos back on February 22, 2016, shortly after started DinoCity. During the TASing, I learned better how to TAS and I improved with the good use of frame advance. Also, during my work on the Wonder Boy in Monster Land, I also learned about RAM addresses and TAStudio.

Published runs

Works in progress / Future runs

Movies that I'd like to see beaten (Not in order)

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