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About me

Hi! I'm Comicalflop, I'm 23 years old, I live in Massachusetts and I go to Curry College. I joined this site in 2006-06-13, after spending a few months browsing around. I first got into TASing when my brother showed me Morimoto's SMB3 TAS and I started thinking about speedrunning video games. Through my initial feeble attempts with Super Mario World on ZSNES, I offhandedly discovered this site, was inspired by GuanoBowl's Ocarina of Time TAS, and dove right into making a Donkey Kong Country 2 102% TAS (which I've now obsoleted.) I was made an editor as of 2006-12-04, to which I try to make and edit some interesting and informative pages. I have this tendency to get easily distracted and start thinking about/working on different projects, even though I'm supposed to be focusing on only one major one. I TAS many games that I have never played before, and sometimes never even heard of. Many games I just simply observe and all the little details and complexities make sense to me.
I like to encode things, but I'm not terribly smart with computers and encoding so I only do single pass stuff that I upload to youtube.
I also like to be very encouraging to members new to TASing (the ones that show promise), as well as use my intuitive eye to closely watch the progress of runs and point out possible improvements if I spot any.

Published Runs

[705] SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (USA) "102%" by Comicalflop in 1:28:24.03- Obsoleted
[887] GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (USA) "Maxim mode" by Comicalflop in 00:26.37- Obsoleted by me
[919] GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (USA) "Maxim mode" by Comicalflop in 00:24.3- Obsoleted by Deign
[1162] GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (USA) "Maxim, in bounds" by Comicalflop & zggzdydp in 12:45.68- Played by me and zggzdydp
[1211] N64 Mischief Makers (USA v1.0) by Comicalflop in 55:04.28- Shake shake!
[1264] SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (USA) "102%" by NxCy & Comicalflop in 1:23:10.88- Played by me and NxCy
[1393] GBA Gunstar Super Heroes (USA) by Comicalflop in 18:32.22- Fast. Fun. Fierce.
[1525] SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (USA v1.0) by Comicalflop in 40:44.73- A run I have always wanted to improve
[1629] SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (USA v1.0) "102%" by Dooty, NxCy & Comicalflop in 1:22:17.17- Dooty made some more improvements
[1849] N64 Yoshi's Story (USA) by Comicalflop in 11:00.23- Eat Fruit Fast!
[1873] SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (USA v1.1) by Comicalflop, Dooty & Umihoshi in 39:06.68- Hopefully the last time I do this game. Switched to 1.1 ROM for warp glitches


I start runs more than I finish, so the workbench does not see movies from me very often. My main projects are massive ones, so those that are more anticipated by the community will not see submission for a long time, especially since I usually am stuck doing more than one at a time and I have real life things getting in the way.

Current Projects

With the new release of a rerecording DS emulator, I'm working on Trauma Center: Under the Knife. I'm going to be aiming for a "perfect surgeon" goal, getting all 'cool!'s. I've had to redo using a new version of Desmume, so progress is going to be real slow.

I began work on a Gold Gem run for Mischief Makers, and now that TheCape is getting ready to work on his Single Segment run I picked it up again. I'm almost done with world 1.

Wishful Thinking

When Dolphin is completed and ready for TASing, I'd have interest in doing:

-World of Goo Co-Op
-Trauma Center: Second Opinion
-Trauma Center: New Blood Co-Op
-Star Fox Assault


Commentary on Janus's Breath of Fire II run
Commentary on Sami's Banjo Kazooie 100% run
Commentary on Bloobliebla's OoT all medallions run
Commentary on ArukAdo's Resident Evil 3
DKC Glitches pt. 1 Commentary Yeah my voice sucked in this. Bah Tompa my voice needs to be more sexy and manly next time!
DKC glitches pt. 2 Commentary I said I wanted my voice sexier! Blarg!
DKC Glitches pt. 4 Commentary Better.... getting there....

Mischief Makers Tricks
Donkey Kong Country Tricks- Needs updating, especially to include new DKC2 tricks shown in new runs, and to account for many new discoveries in DKC as well as DKC3.
Super Mario Kart Physics
Zelda Ocarina Of Time Tricks
Super Mario 64 Tricks Still needs more content I think.
Yoshi's Island Tricks Doesn't need more content. Spezzafer is one hell of a thorough dude.
Zelda A Link To The Past Tricks- Needs content. Like seriously.
Lady Sia Tricks
N64 Wishlist- This project sort of died, but I'm positive my efforts have made N64 TASing increase a little, which was my intended goal. The .shtuff site seems to have expired, so I should re-research everything and get it on the TAS wiki. Sigh, all that data lost....

Wetrix 1 Minute Challenge Mode. Cancelled. Deign beat my score by an enormous amount. My run was accepted and paved the way for another N64 movie to be published, so I'm glad in that regard at least.
SSB High Score Time Attack. Rejected. Man was this one controversial; SSB is cursed it seems. But for anyone that wants to see: Downloadable SSB High Score TAS. Good thing we have a published SSB run now
Super Monkey Ball Jr.. Cancelled. I probably should have only posted this in the GBA thread rather than submit, especially because I missed a very obvious trick to skip stage intros. Most likely not going to do another version of this, because the game sucks compared to the gamecube versions.
Myst DS: Not submitted

I so far have:
-The WR for Mischief Makers' 4-05, Rescue Act II. 28.47"

-The WR for Mischief Makers' 5-01, Clance War II. 1:25.48"

-The WR for Mischief Makers' 2-04 Hot Rush. 22.37"(captured; need to make another recording though since the sound is out of whack)
-Almost WR for 2-08
-Almost WR for 5-02
Hopefully I'll beat some more, get them recorded, and submit them to SDA with Veysey.

WIP runs I look forward to


Contact me

You can PM me, AIM/Skype me at Comicalflop, email me at @@4aclmu@joakiaafshnvnye@1cni9pnr@yk@p3wu@iaahpoo..@@ycom, or chat with me on IRC, I go there regularly. Feel free to talk to me about anything TAS/speedrunning related.

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