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Console Verification Tests

A log of all tests run by owners of NESbot or true's bot for movies that do not yet have a full verification video. Format is [movie] [user:Name]: Result.

  • [1034] NES StarTropics (USA) by Aglar in 1:01:32.37 - Brandon: This run actually very well might run through the entire game if the bot was better made. The first time I tested it, it got about 12 minutes in flawlessly, and then the bot just stopped working. It didn't desync; it stopped running. After a software update by micro500, it would desync at the Octopus boss fight. The last time I tested it, it didn't get past the title screen. Bizarre...worth testing again.

  • Startropics II by Brandon and Randil (WIP) - Brandon: Syncs flawlessly, but as the WIP doesn't actually complete the game, it belongs in this tab.

Tested in 201510xx:

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