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Critical Five


I'm a 20-year-old French guy, currently studying in an engineering school.
I firstly got in touch with speedruns while I was searching for gaming videos, and I then watched a lot of runs on Speed Demos Archive. A few weeks later, I stumbled across TASVideos, and I found the idea of transcending games with "perfect" gameplay fantastic.

TASVideos-related activities

I became an editor on the 2010-06-30 and was promoted to vested editor on the 2010-08-10.

I partly revamped the Gruefood Delight page, and I'm currently trying to encode every movies listed there - I also sometimes happen to encode new submitted runs - as well as keeping it updated when interesting submissions get rejected or cancelled. I actually really like the idea of such a page, that gives a second chance to TASes.
I also gave a hand with the Rejected Submissions page, by figuring out the reasons why some submissions got rejected.
Besides, I try to keep wiki pages updated and correct typos when I see them.

I'm not sure I'll start TASing games in the future, as it is a very time-consuming. But I like the "find the optimal route" side of TASing.

~~~~~~~~~My channels~~~~~~~~~

I have a MotionMaker on Dailymotion, and I can thus upload movies without being bothered by time limitations.

Most awaited runs:


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Contacting me

Don't hesitate to PM me on the forums or talk to me on IRC.


Anyone, feel free to write comments or suggestions here.

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