Tool-assisted game movies
When human skills are just not enough

De Hack Ed


My TODO list

(includes personal projects)

  • VisualBoyAdvance with movie playback for Linux, at a minimum. Rerecording might come later. Done, can make AVIs for GB and GBA
  • Gens modding Done, though not quite how I'd have liked it.
  • Automation to the AVI encoding process
  • Some seed assistance for BitTorrent (btfriendly.py doesn't do what I'm going to want)
  • Dig into FCEU's key bindings, rebind stuff and modify the joystick code for my own recording purposes. Okay, but no joystick yet.
  • GMV support in microstorage?

Useful Web Scripts

  • Savestate-ify - You can edit when a movie ends by using load-state and then terminating recording. Now you can edit when a movie starts by submitting an SMV (or VBM) and a save-state to this script. Snes9x and VBA in GameboyAdvance mode only.
  • Microstorage - Hosts FCM/FM2, SMV, VBM, M64, MMV, GMV, PXM and DSM files online.

Movies I've made

Microstorage stats

(As of January 1st, 2013)
  • Lifetime hits: 569,601 to info pages; 187,240 files download; 81,137 view of homepage (upload page)
  • Space (compressed): 663 megabytes
  • Space (uncompressed): 6948 megabytes
  • Files uploaded: 30,487

Older stats

(As of January 31st, 2011; this section isn't necessarily a good idea)

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