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Dream Team Contest 7

This page details the results of Dream Team Contest 7. You can read more info on the topic for this contest.

Competition info:

Game: NES Donald Land
Emulator: BizHawk
Duration: September 30th, 2018 - December 2nd, 2018


Team Name Members Time Pos
Team 1 The Rockmen Mothrayas, EZGames69, Tremane, BrunoVisnadi 9:26.550 4th
Team 2 Death Match Masterjun, MESHUGGAH, ThunderAxe31, keylie -:--.-- DNS
Team 3 The FanTAStic Four ViGadeomes, Warepire, link_7777, micro500 9:32.939 5th
Team 4 pirate_sephiroth, FatRatKnight, Exonym, Bloopiero 8:36.416 1st
Team 5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thelegendarymudkip, Truncated, negative seven, DrD2k9 9:24.836 3rd
Team 6 Pichu MUGG, Tompa, brunovalads, TASeditor -:--.-- DNS
Team 7 🦆 The8bitbeast, Mittenz, tjblakely, lapogne36 9:12.473 2nd

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