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Dwango AC

Hi! I am dwangoAC [1] and I am part an Ambassador on staff and experienced player here at TASVideos. My name is derived from the Dial-up Wide Area Network Gaming Organization service from the 90's and my initials; I was a moderator on the Denver DWANGO server and the name stuck.

I am the keeper of TASBot who is best described as a special R.O.B. robot outfitted with Legos to hold a custom circuit board that can mimic a controller for the purposes of playing video games perfectly. TASBot has a long and storied history that starts with the initial efforts to replay [Glossary.html#ToolAssistedSpeedrunTas|Tool-Assisted Speedruns] on physical hardware via a process now called Console Verification. Using TASBot, I represented TASVideos at Games Done Quick events for AGDQ 2014, AGDQ 2015, SGDQ 2015, AGDQ 2016, SGDQ 2016, and AGDQ 2017.

I am a test engineer by trade and I like to tinker with emulators for new and exotic platforms as a form of penetration testing. I am the President of the North Bay Linux User's Group (http://nblug.org) and I am an advocate for emulators and games that run on Linux such as SteamOS. My personal website can be found at http://acbit.net and I can be contacted by E-Mail using the last two letters of my username (at) acbit.net.

I am interested in seeing a TAS completed of the DOS version of NetHack and I created an unusual KVM-based rerecording environment to support it. We're moving git repositories at this time but the current source can be found by doing a git clone http://nethack4.org/media/nethack-tas-tools.git/ which will get you access to things like our insanely complex 2,006 in-game turn plan.

Nach affectionately thinks I'm a washing machine, or a calculator, or various other appliances.

[1][sic; ignore the wikification above]

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