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Encoding Guide / Custom Encoding

This page describes how to encode an emulator movie, if it isn't needed to make it of publication quality. To study encoding movies to be published, see Encoding Guide / Publication Manual.


There are only a few steps for such encodes. After dumping, all can be done with just VirtualDub, or with AviSynth as well.



Editing tools

Dumping AVI

We imply you already know, that you can not just capture your play to AVI in real time, but to record an emulator movie and play it back, capturing AVI from this. We have a video dumping guide for TASable emulators, but you may appear to have used some unTASable ones, like Nestopia or VirtualNes.

Pick this version for dumping movies, it has fixes for encoding:
Nestopia 1.37 - Unlimited Video build

  • Machine -> Oprions: No Sprite Limit.
  • Video -> Options: NTSC screen: Top = 0, Bottom = 239.
  • File -> Movie Player: Pick the movie file
  • File -> Movie Player: Export to AVI

  • File -> Close (if a ROM was loaded)
  • Edit -> Movie -> AVI convert
  • Select paths to the ROM file you used, to the recorded movie and to the AVI file to be created.
  • Sampling rate - 44100, 8 bit

After you do the above, you get prompted to choose and configure the codec. You can use a lossless one (good for upscaling) or a lossy one (fast and compressing heavier).

  • Preset: Ultrafast
  • Tuning: Animation
  • Rate control: Single pass - ratefactor-based
  • Ratefactor: experiment with it.
  • Zero latency must be checked!

  • Check GZIP rediobutton
  • Select the desired compression Level (start from Level 5, that leaves room for speeding up the emulator)
For Nestopia, use LZMO with key frames checkbox ticked.

  • Check Enable Null Frames
  • Check Use Multithreading
  • Select Mode: RGB (Default)


  • Drag the dump to VD
  • Video -> Filters -> Add: resize. Filter mode: Nearest neigbour. New size -> Relative: 200 (300, 400, anything you want)
  • Video -> Frame Rate -> Convert to fps: 25 (or 30 if there's no alternate frame flickering)
There's no simple function in VD for subtitles. Use AviSynth for that.

Create a text file with the following text and change its extension to .avs:

PointResize(width * 2,height * 2)
Subtitle("Your subtitles", y=0, align=8, first_frame=0, last_frame=1000, \
    size=10, text_color=$00FFFFFF, halo_color=$00000000, lsp=2)
return last
Put your movie to the same folder, change the AVISource parameter to match its name, edit or remove the lines you don't need (adjust the subtitles), still drag the script file to VirtualDub.

In the VD menu:


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