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My real name is Mário Azevedo, born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been trying to stop using the 'FODA' alias, switching to Nesrocks whenever possible.

You can see my published movies here
My YouTube account goes here

I'm a game designer / 3d modeler / animator. I've been into game development in Brazil since 2004, when I joined Donsoft Entertainment. Since game development in my country is so raw it was an overall disaster, but it gave me a lot of experience. Then I joined another game company which was not such a disaster, but it still didn't quite thrive, so we closed it. I am now working on another company and I plan to get into making my own game one day.

When I saw morimoto's infamous super mario bros 3 video it drove me nuts. It got me into the TAS scene right away. I downloaded every AVI from the website because I thought they were the perfect run for each game. How wrong I was! The forums were another discovery. There I found that I could too be part of TASing. I started right away with Castle of illusion on the genesis, and even though I had a cocky attitude about its results Bisqwit kept his cool. Then I did more runs, and one of the best times was competing with Phil and Genisto on Battletoads after I improved their record.

Time has passed though and I don't think I can live to the current expectations in tool usage for TASing (seriously, what these guys are doing is insane) so it's unlikely that I will TAS again. But I visit the forums at least twice a week to see what's new. Games are a passion to me, and the treatment they get on TASVideos is uparallaled. This is the best community I've found on the web! Bisqwit did a great job in setting the standard in posture, and the current administration excells at keeping the community working and improving it, so thanks for that.

Well, long live TASVideos and see you on the forums!

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