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Hey, I'm the Ferret Warlord and this is my profile page (as though you couldn't tell). I'll update this with stuff as I can find the time and motivation to do so. So, enjoy!


I'm a student at BYU studying Computer Science. That's about all you'll learn of me.

Oh, I'm also a Mormon. This becomes important here as I'll make various references to a two year absence which was spent in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission.

My TAS Experience

So, how did I come across TASVideos? It started around September '04. I was perusing GameFAQs' NonStop Gaming (then know as Next Gen Gaming {yes, I go there, mainly for a laugh}), when people started talking about an awesome SMB3 video. Apparently whoever made this video did some amazing things like getting 99 lives in 11 minutes and such. But amid the hubbub were claims that it was made with an emulator and was made to look cool. I watched it, and behold, it was pretty dang cool!

After a while, I wanted to watch this video again, so I googled "mario 3 video" in hopes of finding it. Well, I found it at some community where people put used similar methods to assemble videos for other games as well! "Wow," I thought, "these videos are awesome!" I was hooked. Thus, I am here today.

My Movies

I've done a fair share of tool assisted movies. Published and unpublished. Some that have never been outside my hardrive till now.

Current Publications

This one has been through a few incarnations. I started a version back in the summer of '05 when the site experienced a surge of Donkey Kong submissions and obsoletions. I started doing DK Jr. kind of as a joke, but quit in level 3 because I didn't want to have to put up with a blue spark at the time. Later user ozort made a submission that fall, and that prompted me to finish my own. But, before I could submit it, OmnipotentEntity submitted one that was faster than mine, but I had a few tricks he failed to use as well. So, I finished another version incorporating both our tricks.

I leave on my mission, and a good way through Aqfaq finds a glitch for level one and finishes the game 11 frames faster after a hex edit. He found a way to improve the final level, but initially didn't submit it because he felt it wasn't substantial enough to warrant a new submission. However, after he and I determined that there is nothing else we could do to improve it, I went ahead and submitted it.

I like this movie because it's simple, yet blazingly fast. I love how the last level is over in 6 seconds!

YouTube video

I did this one because I wanted to see it get TAS'ed but no one seemed to show interest in doing so. It's a fun little movie; nothing overly exciting but with some surprising moments (the level 1 glitch was discovered by complete accident!).

This one was difficult to make. Stiff controls plus screwy hitboxes yielded a very frustrating experience. Still, not bad.

I'm very displeased with how long the last level took up. >_<

Wizards & Warriors 3 was my first publication here. The first movie was 30 seconds longer than this; an updated version came out a little while later fixing some mistakes made in the end. Dacicus then found a glitch involving the levitation staff that can kill Malkil instantly. I couldn't get it to work, so Dacicus implemented it and submitted it. Supposedly this glitch can be used on the dragon, but its use there hasn't been discovered yet.

I learned quite a few important things about TAS'ing from this. Frame advance, luck manipulation, overall precision, team work (the route is scubed's, not mine). Many habits I have came from this effort.

This fun little run is of the Japan-only game based on the cult hit Samurai Pizza Cats cartoons. It was a fun little run to do. Controls were tight, so I rarely had to fight them. Pacing is excellent, never a dull moment. Glitches, luck manipulation, the whole package. I was very pleased with the finished product. It's still one of my favorites to watch!

This movie was submitted soon before I left one my mission. Half way through it was published. I wasn't around to celebrate! :(

This is a run of the GBC version of the wildly unpopular FPS. It plays a lot like Crystalis without the level grinding. It's really not a bad game; indeed, it is often considered the best version of Daikatana available. And it is free as well! Just go here and look around a little.

The movie turned out pretty good. Very active, lots to do, insanely quick boss fights. The only thing that bogged this movie down was the large amount of cutscenes. I wasn't very happy about those.

The select glitch fascinated me, and I thought would have made a cool TAS. When rerecording VBA came out, one of the first things I did with this game after making a couple of test runs up to the first metroid was investigate the select glitch: what it is exactly, how to get it working, secret worlds, etc. Work progressed nicely once I found VBA's map viewer.

Then the mission came, and two years later I picked up where I left off. Discovered a map editor, finalized the route, and started running it. I like how it turned out. Far from perfect, but still fun to watch.

Another case of, "I wanted to watch it, but no one was making it." A little slower than the other two titles in the RKA series, but a good TAS nonetheless. Bogged down somewhat by an inordinate amount of autoscrolling.

A game I played years ago at a good friend's house years ago. While nothing deep or engaging, it's a well made cartoon license and a good way to waste about 30 minutes. The two-playable-character mechanic was nice for boosting my published movie count. ;P Very upbeat runs with little to no breaks in the action. Incidentally, the highest rated movies I have.

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner on YouTube

Publication Pending

Yeah, I don't know either. I saw the game in a "Worst Game Titles" article. When I saw it, I said, "I am so running that title."

Definitely my least favorite run. It's long, slow, boring, dull, and kinda awkward for me to think that I had done this. But whatever. Viewers seem to like it well enough.

This is a title I've been considering doing for a while. A recent submission finally pushed me into trying my hand. Very much a change of pace from Punky Skunk: short, fast paced, and a little grotesque. I like it.

Eh, why not. I don't enjoy it as much as the Genesis run I made since it's slower paced and more than twice as long, but at least the final boss turned out great.

Still, this is the first time I've had three submissions in the queue at once. Kinda scary that my productivity is going up.

Current Project

  • Nothing

Canceled Projects

I heard about a Japan only Star Wars over at 1up, and after hearing about how warped this take on the franchise was, I decided to give it a try. I found a game that was indeed weird, but unfortunately played out like Psycho Fox - not a good thing. It was insanely hard and fast paced, so what did I do? I started TASing it before I even finished the first level!

I started this way back in early 2005 and intended to finish it in commemoration of Episode 3's release. However, soon after completing level 2 (based in Egypt, by the way), I decided to play ahead a little bit and realized I'd have to do a lot more planning with the force crystals to pull it off. I didn't feel like doing that. Episode 3 came and went, and it's been stuck at the four minute mark since.

I recently discovered that I can get away with not having to use the floating force power. With this in mind, planning force crystals shouldn't be too hard now. I might pick this one back up later. Next project maybe?

YouTube Video

I accidentally downloaded this one while looking for Doki! Doki! Panic. It's an interesting little platformer starring a baseball helmeted boy who jumps into a movie theater screen to save some girl who's been kidnapped by malevolent forces at a theme park (?). An interesting quirk is that, when he takes damage, instead of getting weaker, he gets a more powerful attack.

I started this before the mission, and it was the first one to be picked up after. However, in level 6, I hit a section that required a lot of precision mixed with lots of lag, plus my worst nemesis, Luck Manipulation, reared his ugly head when I realized I needed to grab a familiar to get optimal results against the boss. Plus I was growing weary of weird hitboxes with enemies in tight platforming areas.

If you watch this, keep in mind the following: I began recording using a bad dump which is the most commonly distributed version. However, it synchs with the good dump just fine.

YouTube Video

I started this as a lark. I was bored, and this game didn't seem too hard to do. Indeed, it wasn't. But then Luck Manipulation struck again in the first Statue of Liberty level, where I learned the tablets take out an entire wave of enemies, and didn't feel like optimizing the bonus round just to realize luck was against me when a tablet would refuse to appear. In order for me to finish this, I'm going to need to figure out the mechanics behind those levels, including the RNG, which is more work than I'm willing to put into such a low priority game.

The movie didn't turn out too bad, though.

YouTube Video

A very goofy game that made a decent enough TAS. There or two things that caused me to cancel this:

  1. The first boss mocked me. Everything I tried was one pixel or one frame off from being perfect. Best I could manage is killing him at the same time he killed me. It's frustrating because the only way around that involves wasting nearly a second of time.
  2. I learned the Gameboy version is essentially the same but with additional levels. Any attempt to continue this run will continue with that version.

You can watch a making-of video for this game here.

YouTube Video

An infamous game that has a lot of falsehoods surrounding it. I attempted to make a 2-3 minute TAS utilizing a warp glitch, but got stuck at the karaoke scene. I can't seem to get the mic to register properly, and victory in it seems incredibly random. Any help for that section would be appreciated.

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