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This page describes the different parts of forum ranks which are displayed at the forum right below the nickname of the author of a post. A page where all forum members are sorted by forum ranks can be found here.

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Manually assigned forum ranks

Manually assigned forum ranks appear before any player rank. If a member has both a manually assigned rank and a player rank, it will appear as "(Manual rank) / (Player rank)".

Site manager / Senior judge / Senior publisher / Senior ambassador / Admin assistant / Ambassador / Judge / Publisher / Moderator / Vested editor / Editor / Encoder

These forum rank are reserved for members listed in the appropriate role at this page. The Encoder rank can be assigned concurrently with other ranks.


This forum rank is reserved for the site's robots like TASVideoAgent.


This forum rank is reserved for Bisqwit, creator of the site, and site manager from late 2003 to mid-2009.


This forum rank is given to person responsible for assigning Special Stars.

Emulator coder

This forum rank is given to people who made significant contributions to the development of rerecording emulators. It can be assigned concurrently with other ranks.

Site code intern / Site code developer / Site code admin

These forum ranks are given to people working with site code. Which rank is given depends on how much access this person has to the code (intern has least access, admin has full access)

Limited user

This forum rank is given to members stripped of submission privileges (limited role).

Banned user

This forum rank is given to members who have been banned.

Automatically assigned forum ranks

Two types of rank are automatically generated - player ranks (which will appear in conjunction with manually assigned ranks) and member ranks (which will not).

Player ranks

If you have a published movie (whether current or obsolete), you will get a Player rank. Which Player rank you get depends on your currently published movies and their rating.

The formula for a player's score
Each player will get a score Z, which is determined by summing player point contributions from individual movies (Z_movie):

  • Rating of movie (r) is calculated as weighted average of ratings (authors' own ratings are ignored here).
  • Z_movie=O*max(M*r^max(2.6-0.2*average_ratings/ratings,1)/sqrt(p), 5), where p is number of players, M=1.5 for stars, M=1 for standard and moons. O=1 if movie is current, 10^-6 otherwise. Tech/entertainment ratings count as 1 rating here. Author ratings are included in count.

Player ranks
Your value for Z determines your Player rank:

Player rank Z
Former player Z<1
Player 1≤Z<250
Active player 250≤Z<500
Experienced player 500≤Z<1000
Skilled player 1000≤Z<2000
Expert player Z≥2000

Note that your score for obsoleted movies is multiplied by a very small number. This way, they don't count towards your score, but they do keep your score non-zero, which means that people who had all of their movies obsoleted will get the Former player rank.

Your score is displayed after your player rank (for example, if you see "Player (146)", your score is 146) and in your forum profile.

Member ranks

If you don't have a manually assigned forum rank, and have never made a movie that was published, you will get a Member rank. Which Member rank you get depends on the amount of forum posts you have made.

Forum Rank Number of forum posts
Nobody 0
Lurker 1-3
Newbie 4-29
Member 30-99
Active member 100-499
Vested member 500 or more

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