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Welcome to FractalFusion's homepage.

About FractalFusion

I discovered the site back in April, 2005 after I found and watched sleepz’s TAS of Super Mario 2 on archive.org. I signed up to the forum on June 15, 2005 (June 16 by GMT+2 time), interested in helping others with TASes. My interest in TASing began when I found a few glitches in Mega Man X2, most notably this trick which beats Wheel Gator quickly.

My first published run was Mega Man X2 in 32:23, on October 1, 2005. The submission is also notable because it was the one thing that started my now permanent transition to the username "FractalFusion" (I was previously known as "82-35-43"). Since the first publication, I TASed many other games, mostly Mega Man games.

I became a Wiki editor on February 10, 2006 (Feb. 11 by GMT+2).

Most recently, I became a judge on April 5, 2010. The main motivation was to clear the queue of April Fools submissions that were still there.

TAS Interests

I prefer to TAS Mega Man games because of the variety of weapons that the player can use. Bonus points if the game has a grappling hook or a platform maker.

I may also like to TAS some RPGs, randomized strategy games, games with fast actions, and games which are related to my favorites.

Published movies

Mega Man X2 in 32:23 - obsoleted
Mega Man X3 in 38:15
Pokémon Gold in 2:54:27
Monopoly in 01:08 (4 CPUs bankrupt)
Mega Man X in 29:58
Mega Man X2 in 31:42 (with Graveworm)
Pokémon Sapphire in 1:36:44 - obsoleted
Pokémon Sapphire in 1:35:08 - obsoleted
Splinter Cell GBA in 36:05
Rockman & Forte in 29:08 - obsoleted
Minesweeper in 00:32 - obsoleted
Mega Man X6 in 25:53 - obsoleted
Takeshi no Chousenjou in 3:54 - obsoleted
Mega Man Xtreme in 27:34
Cyborg 009 in 16:07
Mega Man X2 (best ending, no upgrades) in 33:52
Mega Man X4 in 36:43 (with Atma) - obsoleted
Azure Dreams in 10:32
Mega Man 8 in 47:06
Space Invaders Extreme 2 in 7:56
Pokémon Trading Card Game in 21:41 (with p4wn3r)
Mega Man X6 in 25:34 (with Rolanmen1)
Pokemon Ruby in 1:31:45 (with GoddessMaria)
Solitaire (NES) in 42.80
Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger in 6:57 - obsoleted
Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger (best ending) in 7:43
Pokonyan! Henpokorin Adventure in 6:40
Mega Man X (glitched password, walkathon) in 16:56
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow in 53:17
Futari wa Precure Max Heart in 31:50
Pokémon Yellow "Pijack version/Executes arbitrary code" in 3:14
H.E.R.O. (A2600) in 9:56

Of these movies:

Current submissions

Current Projects

Cold Projects

Stuff that I haven't gotten around to doing. Has a good chance of being abandoned.

Site encodes

I'm not a site encoder, although I have some encodes on the site. I mostly encode out of temporary interest. Movies that I make myself have the highest priority.

Space Invaders Extreme 2
Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords
Pokémon Trading Card Game

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