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Fractal Fusion / AGI Games Solutions

Solutions to various AGI games. All solutions done in a (unassisted) speedrun context.

kq2 v2.2

  (Note: Avoid any witch/dwarf/sorcerer unless you know they
  can't harm you or take away any treasures.)

  (ENE cave. Enter/exit until witch is gone) get cage
  (WNW) get trident
  (EE near log) get necklace
  (S then E to bridge EN) view door

  (SWWNWN?? #1) give necklace her
  ride horse
  give trident man (or 'wave trident')
  get key
  (#1 backwards) unlock door
  view door ("[sp]view[sp][F3]")

  (SWS to chapel)open door
  (go to door while praying) graham
  (SS near hole) get brooch
  = (swim)

  (S to store) open door
  give cage her
  rub lamp (either three times (x3) or two times (x2))
  ride rug
  (E) cast bridle snake (case x2: kill snake)
  (EE) get key
  (W) ride carpet
  (W) talk horse (case x2: (nothing))
  wear cross
  eat cube (case x2: (nothing))
  (after landing NNN (or SSSS) swimming where necessary, then EN)
  unlock door
  view door ("[sp]view[sp][F3]")

  (SWWNWN #2) give brooch man
  go boat
  exit boat
  (case x2: avoid brambles)
  (N) open door
  (W up stairs) open drawer
  get candle (or 'take candle' "[sp]take[sp]candle")
  (down) light candle ("light[F3]" if 'take candle' above)
  (EE) get ham (or not)
  (E when sprite past dark stuff in lower left, fall off stairs to warp to next area)
  (W enter/exit until coffin open) get pillow
  get gold key
  (E up stairs WW ignore dracula SS)
  (case x2: avoid brambles) go boat
  exit boat
  (#2 backwards) unlock door

  (N) get net
  cast net (until catch fish)
  get fish ("[sp]get fish")
  (fall in water)
  (while in confused mode, move towards E)
  (E) get amulet
  (S) open door
  (up stairs twice)
  give ham lion (or 'kill lion' if no meat)
  open door

sq2 v2.0F ("cheat" cheat)
  (go to platform)
  (note: in v2.0A, you can get stuff in locker first)
  get suit
  (if desired) open locker
  get all

  (W up platform through tube and enter ship)

  (after crash landing)
  push switch
  (NW) get pod
  (EE) free
  (W up W) mail form
  (EEE From bottom of screen, go E direction, then NE direction
  towards deeper part of swamp)
  get breath (to get away from swamp monster even if grabbed)
  (W up) get gem
  get breath
  (E up EE near tree) climb
  (E get caught near bottom of screen)

  call (x2)
  (hunter near cage) cast spore
  get key
  open door
  get rope
  (NWW) climb log
  tie rope log
  climb down
  (bottom of rope) swing
  (look background; there should be a V-shape of green pixels extending
  from a cluster of green pixels halfway up the rope and left;
  press F6 when the rope is coincident with the center pixel)

  (W) use gem
  (W fall) get gem
  (S) word
  (enter hole) put gem lip
  (navigate maze)
  (after exit maze E right fork whirlpool)
  (exit E) use whistle
  (either WE to get rid of monster, or 'cast cube' if has cube)
  get rock

  (if has jock and rock) sling rock man
  get card
  use card ("use[F3]")
  (else if guard coming from right)
  cast rock
  (hide in front bush and enter door when guard leaves)
  (else if guard coming from left)
  cast rock
  (go under platform and enter door when guard leaves or
  lean right on door and go through guard into door)

  (behind ship) go pod
  push power
  turn dial
  push ascent
  (raise ship by pressing DOWN)

  (after entering asteroid)
  (in v2.0A, the glass cutter is not necessary)
  (avoid the waxer)
  (W elevator) three
  (WW) push switch
  get plunge
  (EE elevator) four
  (WW) push switch
  get cutter
  (WW) push switch
  (toilet stall) open door
  get paper
  (S left exit WW elevator) five
  (EE) push switch
  get suit
  get lighter
  get can
  put paper can
  (WW elevator) one
  (WS activate all barriers)
  (when platform is well over half open) put plunge wall
  (when platform starts to close) let go
  put can
  light can
  (EE up stairs)

  (in v2.0A, it is possible, by walking along the edge
  to reach the keyboard without Vohaul smashing you;
  in that case, do not access the clone screen)
  cut glass
  (near vent) go vent
  push switch
  exit vent
  (W) move switch
  type enlarge
  (E glass)
  (flashing screen) view screen
  (up stairs E) get mask
  wear mask
  (you may have to "normal" this part, then "fast" afterward)
  push switch
  go pod

  open cave (i.e. 'open chamber')
  go cave ("[sp]go[sp][F3]")

  (Hide from all Sariens, or quickly reach the half of the screen
  which they would appear to prevent them from appearing)

  (WWW) get card
  (E elevator E elevator E) push open
  (E) use card
  (elevator go to panel) push airlock
  (to closets) push left
  push right
  get suit
  get gadget
  (W) push switch (or "push button")
  go pod
  shut door
  wear belt
  push power
  move lever
  push autonav

  get kit
  remove belt
  exit pod
  (front of ship) get glass
  view kit ("look kit")

  (EEENE cave) cast water
  get part
  (exit cave S up path NWWNEE between pillars)
  get rock
  (W avoiding grate monster) put rock steam
  (N and W at back) put glass beam
  (up path E avoid acid drops E) turn gadget
  (E) put part
  (N) go bike (i.e. 'enter skimmer')
  turn key


  (the best strategy to avoid rocks on fast speed is to lean on the left side
  of the screen)

  (at Ulence Flats) exit bike
  get key
  (after man comes go WE and man comes again) y
  (enter pub and access machine)

  (SAVE POINTS #2-#6)
  (Hit F8 and get diamonds. At the last save point you should have 250 buckazoids)

  (exit pub NEN go to green robot) buy droid
  (SWWSN) buy pod
  go pod

  (at Deltaur)
  wear jetpack
  exit pod
  (at surface) open door
  (NN) open case
  put jetpack case
  go case
  (laundry room) open case
  open box
  go box("[sp]go[sp][F3]")
  exit box("exit[F3]")
  view suit ("look suit")
  (E left elevator W elevator EEE) show id
  get bomb
  (get gun then W) put bomb
  (WW now shoot all Sariens and avoid droid)
  (elevator EE) get box
  push switch
  view panel
  (6858 OK)
  (W elevator)
  (You have to quickly exit, turn right, and shoot if a Sarien comes)
  (right elevator to ship)
  go pod

pq v2.0G
  (enter briefing upper right door)
  get paper
  put paper ("put[F3]")
  (go to position)
  (in v2.0A by mashing enter key, it is possible to start briefing speech early)
  (exit W) get radio
  get key
  (WW check car) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]

  (Always use Code-3 driving when convenient. You can't be
  busted for speeding. :) )
  (Ignore lights ... for now)

  (north one screen and drive around top-left corner
  until dispatch, then go to scene)
  [F4], o d, [F4]
  (victim) view lt (x2) (or 'read he' :D)
  (crowd) talk lt (x2)
  (after dispatch arrives) [F4], get pr24, c d, [F4]
  (drive around aforementioned corner until dispatch
  then go to Carol's)
  [F4], o d, [F4], c d
  (enter Carol's and sit) [F4]
  (answer phone) [F4], use phone ('with phone' :?)
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (drive around aforementioned corner until
  red car appears, then catch car)
  [F4], o d, [F4]
  (at car) view her
  (return) [F4], c d, [F4]
  (drive around the same corner again until dispatch;
  then go to Carol's)
  [F4], o d, [F4], c d
  (enter Wino Willy's)
  move hog
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]

  (drive towards jail until drunk appears, then catch drunk)
  [F4], o d, [F4]
  (at car) go
  (let man get out) give test
  cuff lt
  (heading back) go
  (open door before drunk gets there; then
  get away from the door until the drunk enters the car)
  o d, c d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  [F4], o d, [F4], o d, c d (front), c d
  push button
  get cuff
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], put pr24, o d, [F4]
  (enter station, E, enter left door) o d
  (exit) o d
  (let first guy talk about party)
  (WW check car) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (blue room) [F4], o d, [F4], c d
  (enter and sit; disable sound to make it faster) [F4]
  (done) [F4]
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (enter station, E, briefing, go to position)
  (exit, WW, check car) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]

  (drive SE and circle the top-left corner here
  until light-blue car arrives, then catch car)
  [F4], o d (do NOT get out, but radio)
  (backup arrives) [F4]
  go, hands up, lie down
  (approach) cuff lt, find lt, rise, go
  (own car) o d (back), c d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  [F4], o d, [F4], o d, c d (front), c d
  push button
  (book) gun
  get cuff
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (enter station, E, enter left door) o d
  (wait until Sgt Dooley starts running) read pad (i.e. 'read memo')
  (exit, washroom on lower right, go to locker) o d
  change (x2), get gun, c d
  (W to key rack) put key
  (W enter left door) o d
  (exit, enter right door, key rack) get key
  (leave after Laura leaves, W check undercover car)
  o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  [F4] (wait for Laura), [F4]

  (Red light warning: Do not cross red lights!)

  (public park) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (N and hide left bush)
  (two guys come and trade; two options)
  (option 1 (safe)) (radio and draw gun), halt, cuff lt, go
  (option 2 (risky)) (draw gun and emerge, then
  holster gun and go in SW direction to lower-left)
  cuff lt (typed already), go, (survive until cuffed man walks to south)
  (end options)
  o d (x2), c d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  [F4], o d, [F4], o d
  push button
  (book) pot
  get cuff
  (2 pt penalty for gun in jail, who cares?)
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], (do NOT leave until Laura mentions Jack), [F4]
  (blue room) [F4], o d, [F4], c d
  (enter and sit) [F4]
  (done) [F4]
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (enter station, enter left door) o d
  (exit, enter right door, desk basket) read note
  (exit/enter) Listen to Laura's 2 dialogs.
  (exit, enter left door) o d
  (exit, W, check car) [F4], c d, [F4]

  [F4], o d, [F4], c d
  push button
  (2 pt penalty for gun in jail, who cares?)
  help hotel
  (exit) o d, [F4], c d, [F4]
  (Cotton Cove) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (body) id body, o suit
  (radio and return) [F4], c d, [F4]
  (station) [F4], o d, [F4]
  (enter station, enter left door) o d
  (exit, E) put radio
  (washroom, go directly to shower) [F4] (:D)
  bleach hair, rinse
  (locker) o d, change, c d
  (exit WW, enter left door)
  (exit W, check car) [F4], c d, [F4]

  (Hotel) [F4], o d, [F4] (don't close door)
  (enter) ring, buy bar (i.e. 'buy room'), pay
  (W to bar) water
  (when bartender is done) [F4], pay
  (E elevator) two
  (E) unlock d
  use phone
  (leave after Marie leaves)
  (W elevator) one
  (W to bar) (pay and exit/enter by east to reduce money
  by 200s to 200-something, then pay and go west) pay
  (card room; sit) [F4]

  (Lose this game while throwing away some cash. As soon as
  the game boots you, press F4) [F4]

  (Now lose and underflow money to "win". Ignore messages; you win)
  (Alternatively, lose the first game and underflow money to "win";
  difference is that you must wait for the agents, as normal)
  (exit SEE elevator) two
  (E) unlock d
  (man) get bug
  (exit W elevator) one
  (W) pay
  (near Woody in storage) give money (set to $0)
  (private card room; sit) [F4]

  (Lose this game and "win")

  (both queries) y (x2)
  (E up stairs to 4th floor, EE, RADIO, enter room)

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