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GB Kirby's Pinball Land

  • Platform: GB (Game Boy)
  • Abbreviation: KPL
  • Display name: Kirby's Pinball Land
  • Goodtools name: Kirby's Pinball Land
  • In group: Kirby

[Tier: Moons][Console-verified][Fastest Completion]GB Kirby's Pinball Land (USA) in 01:55.98 by pirohiko.
VBA movie (.vbm) (date: 2008-06-26)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (size: 2.79 MB, length: 02:44)
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Submission #1992 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.8 (37 votes)
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- Genre: Action
Kirby is a little round thing, and like Sonic, makes for an excellent pinball. Kirby must navigate through three boards to defeat his usual foes by knocking into them repeatedly, with the help of traditional pinball flippers.

This movie skips most of the normal pinball aspects of the game and goes right to the bosses. Clever luck manipulation is used to position them perfectly for optimal damage from Kirby.

A resync of this movie has been console verified using GBI.

#64446646451951636 - Kirby's Pinball Land TAS Resynced to BizHawk.
Kirby's Pinball Land by pirohiko.bk2 (2.20kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2020-07-03 08:32:41 by dekutony (339 files)
For GB Kirby's Pinball Land (1 file)
In 02:04.86 [7487 frames], 19802 rerecords)
407 views, 52 downloads
Resynced to BizHawk 2.4.2 with adjusted settings for potential console verification.
VBM Movie originally published in 2008. TAS made by pirohiko.


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