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GB The Incredible Crash Dummies

  • Platform: GB (Game Boy)
  • Abbreviation: incshdum
  • Display name: The Incredible Crash Dummies
  • Goodtools name: Incredible Crash Dummies, The

[Tier: Vault]GB The Incredible Crash Dummies (USA) "best ending" in 18:13.37 by Flip.
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- Best ending
- Genre: Racing
The Crash Dummies need to earn some money so they've taken on some odd jobs. And when it comes to Crash Dummies, the odder the better. Although it shares the same name, this game greatly differs from the NES version and other platforms. You play as crash dummy Slick, trying to earn money. The better you do, the more money you earn. If you don't earn enough, you must redo the level. The levels vary with events like diving off a building as a movie stunt, driving a car to test air-bags, skiing down a mountain, etc. Up to two players can play, alternating.
#13713338383308715 - Submission #4212: Flip's GB The Incredible Crash Dummies "best ending" in 18:13.93
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