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GBC Catwoman

  • Platform: GBC (Game Boy Color)
  • Abbreviation: catwoman
  • Display name: Catwoman
  • Goodtools name: Catwoman
  • In group: DC Comics

[Tier: Vault]GBC Catwoman (USA) in 24:46.23 by TehBerral.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2015-01-13)
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- Takes damage to save time
- Genre: Action
- Genre: Platform
In Catwoman, the titular Batman villainess is spun off into her own game. Talia tries to hire Catwoman to steal a crystal skull, but Catwoman decides to keep it for herself, not knowing Ra's al Ghul plans to use it to destroy Gotham.

Catwoman has dozens of moves to help her navigate and fight her way through nine levels filled with enemies and platforms. She can attack with her claws, jump off walls, flip, grab ledges and swing with her whip, like in Bionic Commando. She also has a stealth option, allowing her to disappear into the background of a level and sneak along silently.

In this run, TehBerral plays through the game in 24 minutes and 46.23 seconds using a series of time-saving tricks.

#19953049664507427 - Catwoman Watch File
Catwoman (USA).wch (183B Memory watch file)
Uploaded 2015-01-07 13:45:25 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
5975 views, 752 downloads
Reuploading this after fixing the speed values (I forgot to set them to signed before).
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#19878068129774982 - CW WIP 5
Catwoman (USA).bk2 (10.7kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2015-01-04 04:42:48 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
In 20:37.24 [73897 frames], 12388 rerecords)
6030 views, 558 downloads
Just two more stages to go. Well, 1 and a half since the last stage is pretty short.
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#19768042268691106 - CW- WIP 4
Catwoman (USA).bk2 (9.22kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2014-12-30 05:47:32 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
In 17:16.49 [61907 frames], 10789 rerecords)
6087 views, 589 downloads
This covers all the way until stage 7
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#19699754512797732 - CW WIP 3
Catwoman WIP 122614 .bk2 (6.45kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2014-12-27 03:59:01 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
In 11:26.8 [41021 frames], 8004 rerecords)
6099 views, 587 downloads
This covers up until about the half way point of the game.
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#19579730547419889 - CW WIP 1 (stage 1 improvement)
Catwoman_WIP 1 (Improvement) 122114.bk2 (2.55kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2014-12-21 18:15:21 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
In 03:10.62 [11385 frames], 4869 rerecords)
6136 views, 555 downloads
1147 frames and two rooms were saved from my last WIP. This was due to better movement tech and finding a time-saving exit in room 2.
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#19507146397566308 - CatwomanGBC - WIP 1
Catwoman (USA).bk2 (2.39kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2014-12-18 11:48:13 by TehBerral (68 files)
For GBC Catwoman (6 files)
In 03:29.82 [12532 frames], 3750 rerecords)
6234 views, 542 downloads
Catwoman: The Quest for Frank the Bunny's Head.
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