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Listing of known games for Mario

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NES Air1/2GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Air 21/3GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.0/2GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
SNES Classic Kong Complete3/4
NES Donkey Kong6/18
SGB Donkey Kong0/1GameResources/GBx/DonkeyKong
NES Donkey Kong: Original Edition1/2
NES Dr. Mario3/7
NES Extra Mario Bros.1/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Full Moon Mario0/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Hard Relay Mario1/3GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Kaizo Mario Bros. 31/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros3
SNES Kaizo Mario World0/2GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioWorld
SNES Kaizo Mario World 31/1GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioWorld
GC Luigi's Mansion2/2
Linux Mari03/6
DOS Mario & Luigi1/1GameResources/DOS/MarioAndLuigi
DS Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time2/3
GBA Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga0/1GameResources/GBx/MarioAndLuigiSuperstarSaga
Genesis Mario 3: Around the World0/1
Genesis Mario 4: Space Odyssey0/0
NES Mario Adventure3/3GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros3
NES Mario Bros.2/5
N64 Mario Kart 641/3GameResources/N64/MarioKart64
DS Mario Kart DS0/0GameResources/DS/MarioKartDS
GBA Mario Kart: Super Circuit0/1
N64 Mario Party2/2
GBA Mario Party Advance1/1
GBA Mario Pinball Land4/4
GBA Mario vs. Donkey Kong2/4
NES Mario's Time Machine!0/5
DS New Super Mario Bros.9/12GameResources/DS/NewSuperMarioBros
Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii4/6
DS Newer Super Mario Bros. DS2/2GameResources/DS/NewSuperMarioBros
N64 Paper Mario2/2GameResources/N64/PaperMario
GC Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door5/6GameResources/GC/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor
NES Parallel Air0/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Peachy Mario by Mana0/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
Windows Psycho Waluigi1/1
NES Somari0/1
SMS Super Boy II1/1
SNES Super Demo World: The Legend Continues13/14GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioWorld
N64 Super Mario 6421/37GameResources/N64/SuperMario64
DS Super Mario 64 DS6/6GameResources/DS/SuperMario64DS
N64 Super Mario 64: The Green Stars1/1GameResources/N64/SuperMario64
N64 Super Mario 741/2GameResources/N64/SuperMario64
GBA Super Mario Advance2/6
GBA Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World2/10
GBA Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 32/8
SNES Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros.0/10GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
SNES Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 23/5GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros2
SNES Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 33/7GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros3
SNES Super Mario All-Stars: The Lost Levels7/8
FDS Super Mario Bros.5/9GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
NES Super Mario Bros.36/129GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
FDS Super Mario Bros. 218/23
NES Super Mario Bros. 223/34GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros2
FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)0/2
NES Super Mario Bros. 317/24GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros3
NES Super Mario Bros. 3mix0/1GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros3
GBC Super Mario Bros. Deluxe8/14
NES Super Mario Bros., 2, The Lost Levels & 32/2
SNES Super Mario Kart2/3GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioKart
GB Super Mario Land6/11GameResources/GBx/SuperMarioLand
GB Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins7/12GameResources/GBx/SuperMarioLand2
SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars8/10GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioRPG
SNES Super Mario World23/69GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioWorld
SNES Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island9/10GameResources/SNES/YoshisIsland
Genesis Super Mario World 641/2
SNES Super Mario World: The Second Reality Project Reloaded2/2GameResources/SNES/SuperMarioWorld
Windows Super Mario XP0/1
Wii Super Paper Mario0/0GameResources/Wii/SuperPaperMario
NES Superfast Mario Bros.0/5GameResources/NES/SuperMarioBros
SNES Wario's Woods1/1
SNES Wrecking Crew '981/1
SNES Yoshi's Safari1/1