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Listing of known games for Mega Man

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NES Mega Man10/13GameResources/NES/Rockman
DOS Mega Man2/2GameResources/DOS/MegaMan
GG Mega Man1/1
GBA Mega Man & Bass0/1
SNES Mega Man & Bass9/9
NES Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 60/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
Wii Mega Man 102/3
NES Mega Man 29/12GameResources/NES/Rockman
Arcade Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters1/1
NES Mega Man 36/9GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Mega Man 3, 4, 5 & 61/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Mega Man 47/7GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Mega Man 4 Voyage1/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Mega Man 54/4GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Mega Man 67/7GameResources/NES/Rockman
SNES Mega Man 75/6
PSX Mega Man 81/1
Wii Mega Man 91/3
GBA Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge1/1
GBA Mega Man Battle Network1/1
GBA Mega Man Battle Network 22/2
GB Mega Man II4/4
GB Mega Man III2/2
GB Mega Man IV2/3
PSX Mega Man Legends1/1
PSX Mega Man Legends 21/1
SGB Mega Man V1/1
GB Mega Man V1/1
SNES Mega Man X12/18GameResources/SNES/MegaManX
SNES Mega Man X & Mega Man X2 & Mega Man X31/1GameResources/SNES/MegaManX
SNES Mega Man X & X21/1GameResources/SNES/MegaManX
SNES Mega Man X29/13GameResources/SNES/MegaManX
PSX Mega Man X31/2
SNES Mega Man X39/11GameResources/SNES/MegaManX
PSX Mega Man X43/4GameResources/PSX/MegaManX
PSX Mega Man X57/10GameResources/PSX/MegaManX
PSX Mega Man X66/8GameResources/PSX/MegaManX
GBC Mega Man Xtreme2/3
GBC Mega Man Xtreme 21/1
GBA Mega Man Zero9/10GameResources/GBx/MegaManZero
GBA Mega Man Zero 23/4GameResources/GBx/MegaManZero
GBA Mega Man Zero 36/8GameResources/GBx/MegaManZero
GBA Mega Man Zero 42/8GameResources/GBx/MegaManZero
DS Mega Man ZX1/1GameResources/DS/MegaManZX
DS Mega Man ZX Advent2/2GameResources/DS/MegaManZX
GB Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge3/3
GBC Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge1/1
Arcade Mega Man: The Power Battle0/1
Genesis Mega Man: The Wily Wars1/5
WSWAN Rockman & Forte - Mirai Kara no Chousensha2/2
NES Rockman 3 Burst Chaser0/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Rockman 4 Burst Chaser × Air Sliding1/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Rockman 4 Minus Infinity4/4GameResources/NES/Rockman
NGP Rockman Battle & Fighters2/2
PSX Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 22/2
PSX Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 60/1
NES Rockman Deus Ex Machina0/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
GBC Rockman DX32/2
WSWAN Rockman EXE WS1/1
NES Rockman Exile0/2GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Rockman no Constancy2/2GameResources/NES/Rockman
NES Rockman: Spirits of Hackers1/1GameResources/NES/Rockman
PSX Super Adventure Rockman0/1
GBC Zook Hero Z1/2
GBA Zook Man ZX41/1GameResources/GBx/ZookManZX4