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Listing of known games for Pokémon

GamePubs/SubsResources page
Genesis Pocket Monster1/1
Genesis Pocket Monster II1/2
SGB Pocket Monsters: Green2/4GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GB Pocket Monsters: Green0/1GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GB Pocket Monsters: Red0/3GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBC Pokémon Adventure1/2
DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team0/0
GBA Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team0/1
GBC Pokémon Puzzle Challenge1/1
N64 Pokémon Stadium1/1
GB Pokémon: Blue and Red Version1/1GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GB Pokémon: Blue Version2/5GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
SGB Pokémon: Blue Version3/4GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
DS Pokémon: Diamond Version1/1
GBA Pokémon: Emerald Version3/3GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBA Pokémon: FireRed Version2/2GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBC Pokémon: Gold Version2/6GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
DS Pokémon: Pearl Version2/3
GBC Pokémon: Platinum Edition2/2
GB Pokémon: Red Version3/3GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
SGB Pokémon: Red Version3/4GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBA Pokémon: Ruby Version1/1GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBA Pokémon: Sapphire Version3/5GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBC Pokémon: Silver Version1/1GameResources/GBx/Pokemon
GBC Pokémon: Trading Card Game3/3
DS Pokémon: White Version0/1
GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version11/17GameResources/GBx/Pokemon