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Listing of known games for Tetris

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VBoy 3-D Tetris1/2
Lynx Blockout1/1
N64 Magical Tetris Challenge2/3GameResources/N64/MagicalTetrisChallenge
SNES Super Gussun Oyoyo1/1
SNES Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss: Genteiban1/1
NES Tengen Tetris3/6
NES Tetris9/16
GB Tetris2/4
NES Tetris 2 + BomBliss1/1
SGB Tetris Blast1/1
DS Tetris DS1/5
GBC Tetris DX3/3
DS Tetris Party Deluxe1/2
Arcade Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2 Plus1/1
N64 Tetrisphere1/1
SNES Wario's Woods1/1
N64 Wetrix1/3