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Lynx Blockout

  • Platform: Lynx (Atari Lynx)
  • Abbreviation: blockout
  • Display name: Blockout
  • Goodtools name: Block Out
  • In group: Tetris

[Tier: Moons][Fastest Completion]Lynx Blockout (USA) in 03:14.81 by dwangoAC.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2015-10-07)
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Submission #4865 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.7 (10 votes)
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- Heavy luck manipulation
- Uses hardest difficulty
- Genre: Puzzle
Blockout is best described as a 3-dimensional successor to Tetris with shapes of up to 5 cubes arranged in various polyforms falling into a 3D pit. Blockout remains popular as there is still an active community as well as several leaderboards. The game was ported from the original DOS to Apple IIGS, Macintosh, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, Genesis and arcade, with the Lynx version faithfully ported by the original designers, Aleksander Ustaszewski and Mirosław Zabłocki. The original manual is available courtesy of archive.org (albeit with several inaccuracies compared to the released game) and Hardcore Gaming has a good history of the game's development and subsequent ports.

This run by dwangoAC completes all levels of Blockout as fast as possible on Out-Of-Control with Fast Rotation.

#41174839326530219 - Lynx Block-out menu impr
Blockout-dwangoAC-menuimpr.bk2.bk2 (10.8kB bk2 movie [Lynx])
Uploaded 2017-08-20 07:16:22 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For Lynx Blockout (1 file)
In 03:14.06 [11624 frames], 11418 rerecords)
4584 views, 383 downloads
Optimized menu movements of [2975] Lynx Blockout (USA) by dwangoAC in 03:14.81.

The movie will desyncs, not sure if because differnt puzzle blocks or the rare glitch dwangoAC abuses (the time of control of next puzzle to A / flip as soon as possible details in submission text)

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