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MSX Metal Gear

  • Platform: MSX (MSX Home Computer System)
  • Abbreviation: msxmg
  • Display name: Metal Gear
  • Goodtools name: Metal Gear
  • In group: Metal Gear

[Tier: Moons]MSX Metal Gear (JPN) in 26:28.05 by dunnius.
openMSX replay (.omr) (date: 2015-10-07)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 29.53 MB, length: 28:28)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 29.25 MB, length: 28:28)
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- Takes damage to save time
- Heavy luck manipulation
- Genre: Action
Award - Computer TAS of 2015
Metal Gear!? It can't be!

This is the original MSX version of the first entry of the ever-popular Metal Gear series of stealth video games created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. In this game, Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven, a fortified state founded by a "legendary mercenary" 200 km north of Galzburg, South Africa, in an operation codenamed Intrude N313. He must find out what happened to Gray Fox, after losing contact with FOXHOUND.

In this movie, however, dunnius isn't very stealthy at all; he goes through numerous alerts in order to reach a time of 26 minutes and 28.05 seconds.

#5480383339746039 - MSX Metal Gear "pacifist" Test Run in 28:17.47
MSX Metal Gear "pacifist" Test Run in 28:17.omr (249kB omr movie [MSX])
Uploaded 2013-03-26 19:00:48 by dunnius (3 files)
For MSX Metal Gear (1 file)
In 28:17.47 [101717 frames], 2744 rerecords)
7505 views, 1214 downloads
This shows what a pacifist run of MSX Metal Gear would look like, except that I got too many rations.

encode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CzHR2914pE

This was done on OpenMSX 0.9.1 using a Panasonic FS-A1WSX

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