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NES Aladdin (Hummer Team)

  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: humalad
  • Display name: Aladdin (Hummer Team)
  • Goodtools name: Aladdin (Unl)

[Tier: Moons][Fastest Completion]NES Aladdin (Hummer Team) (Asia) in 12:50.28 by Kasha.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2018-03-22)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 33.95 MB, length: 14:10)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 54.37 MB, length: 14:10)
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Submission #5847 — Author's comments
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- Takes damage to save time
- Unofficial game
- Genre: Platform
Aladdin (阿拉丁 in Chinese) is a port of the SNES version of the game of the same name, made by Hummer Team in 1995. The game is one of the more well known pirate ports, because it is very faithful to the original game and because it is a bootleg of very high quality, unlike other bootleg ports from more powerful platforms.
#50534325404285113 - NES Aladdin (Hummer Team) - Truncated
Aladdin (Hummer Team) truncated.bk2 (14.8kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-10-15 19:26:56 by DrD2k9 (29 files)
For NES Aladdin (Hummer Team) (1 file)
In 12:48.58 [46191 frames], 10721 rerecords)
2426 views, 346 downloads
This file cuts 102 unnecessary (garbage) inputs from the end of the movie file in the publication as of Oct. 15, 2018.


  • Emulator BizHawk 2.0.1
  • Game Region - Unofficial Game

Truncated Version:

  • Emulator BizHawk 2.3.0
  • Game Region - Unofficial Game
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