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Game Information


  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: nesp
  • Display name: NES-Pack
  • Goodtools name: NES-Pack
  • Game resources: GameResources/NES/NESPack
#29531148204191031 - NES-Pack Level 8 Improved
NES-PackSGDQDemoV1.1-3.fm2 (80.3kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-13 22:13:11 by Baddap1 (12 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 00:59.27 [3562 frames], 1964 rerecords)
5688 views, 821 downloads
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#29527495572553269 - NES-Pack 43.88
NES-PackSGDQDemoV1.1-2.fm2 (80.5kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-13 18:16:18 by Baddap1 (12 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 00:59.44 [3572 frames], 1799 rerecords)
5645 views, 789 downloads
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#29526405753073715 - NES-Pack 44.08
NES-PackSGDQDemoV1.1-1.fm2 (80.7kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-13 17:05:38 by Baddap1 (12 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 00:59.62 [3583 frames], 1224 rerecords)
5889 views, 845 downloads
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#29525010680316553 - NES-Pack 46.53
NES-PackSGDQDemoV1.1-0.fm2 (84.0kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-13 15:35:10 by Baddap1 (12 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 01:02.06 [3730 frames], 754 rerecords)
5619 views, 822 downloads
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#29512988504990262 - strategies
nintendoentertainmentsystempack.tasproj.bk2 (1.27kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-13 02:35:31 by Samsara (65 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 00:09.09 [546 frames], 510 rerecords)
6435 views, 596 downloads
.15 seconds faster than TASeditor in level 2
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#29509950202147927 - get fucking wrecked everyone else, 51.35
packapunch.bk2 (2.43kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-12 23:18:28 by xy2_ (134 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 01:07.52 [4058 frames], 1447 rerecords)
6613 views, 549 downloads
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#29509066213659458 - im really good at this game
ILS.bk2 (1.04kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-03-12 22:21:09 by xy2_ (134 files)
For NES NES-Pack (7 files)
In 00:01.68 [101 frames], 35 rerecords)
6498 views, 603 downloads
non tool assisted 100% human skill
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Game Description

NES-Pack is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System created in 2016 by Wout van Poppel (Mothrayas), a staff member at TASVideos. The game is quite similar to the otherwise unique 1993 classic DOS-game Jetpack.

The objective in NES-Pack is to navigate several maze-like levels collecting all the gems that appear in each, and then heading to the completion point. The player can collect power-ups in the form of fuel which grants our hero the ability to fly and also move faster. Hindering the player are gaps and obstacles that need to be jumped or flown over, barriers that can appear or disappear, and enemies that are also capable of flight themselves.

NES-Pack is quite easy to learn, but requires practice to play well. The levels combine aspects of mazes and classic platformers, requiring users to plan routes, conserve fuel, and navigate each level around enemies and other obstacles. Beginners can usually figure out how to complete the harder levels in a couple of minutes, but true masters are generally able to beat each level in under 20 seconds. The game keeps track of best times in each level as well as cumulative time, so players can keep track of how well they honed their abilities and compete with their friends.

At this stage, a demo version of the game has been released with 8 levels to choose from, ranging from the simplistic introduction game-play concepts, to the tricky to master. This version is released as a preview of what the game will offer in the future, covering all the game's mechanics, if not all the levels. Players can review it for fun and get a feel for what play will be like in the final version. Even at this stage, some competition has been ongoing by the TASVideos members trying to achieve the best scores in each level in different play categories. A more complete version of the game with many new levels to choose from is planned with a release date coinciding with a future speed TAS competition.

Free Download of NES-Pack

Latest version:

NES-Pack Demo v1.2 for SGDQ
  • Mapper changed to MMC1. Fixes a save bug in QuickNES. Timing and sync are unchanged from v1.1.

Previous release(s):

NES-Pack Demo v1.1 for SGDQ
  • First officially released version.


Unassisted Record table

NES-Pack SGDQ Demo v1.2

Level Time Player
01 - FIRST STEPS 0:02.08 Masterjun
02 - ROCKET ZONE 0:06.30 Masterjun
03 - STAR CATCH 0:03.30 Masterjun
04 - ONEWAY ROAD 0:07.67 Masterjun
05 - UP GOER 0:07.42 Masterjun
06 - SWITCH WALL 0:06.70 Masterjun
07 - COLLECTOR 0:11.32 Masterjun
08 - KITCHENSINK 0:08.85 Masterjun
Full game run 0:59.27 Masterjun [1]

[1] YouTube encode by Masterjun

TAS Record table

NES-Pack SGDQ Demo v1.2

Level Time Player
01 - FIRST STEPS 0:01.95 Multiple TASers [2]
02 - ROCKET ZONE 0:04.08 TASeditor [2]
03 - STAR CATCH 0:03.22 TASeditor [2]
04 - ONEWAY ROAD 0:06.52 TASeditor [2]
05 - UP GOER 0:04.20 TASeditor [2]
06 - SWITCH WALL 0:05.92 TASeditor [2]
07 - COLLECTOR 0:08.65 TASeditor [2]
08 - KITCHENSINK 0:08.08 TASeditor [2]
Full game run 0:42.62 TASeditor [2]

[2] .fm2 by TASeditor
[3] .fm2 by Baddap1


Memory Data

RAM Watch file by TASeditor

Address Set #100: NESPackV1.1
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Download .wch file for: BizHawk
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM 0020 Byte Unsigned Little held buttons
RAM 0037 Byte Unsigned Little animation
RAM 0204 Byte Unsigned Little y up
RAM 0207 Byte Unsigned Little x left
RAM 020B Byte Unsigned Little x right
RAM 020C Byte Unsigned Little y down
RAM 0313 Byte Unsigned Little 0:00.XX
RAM 0314 Byte Unsigned Little 0:0X.00
RAM 0315 Byte Unsigned Little 0:X0.00
RAM 0316 Byte Unsigned Little X:00.00
RAM 0317 Byte Unsigned Little X0:00.00
RAM 0318 Byte Unsigned Little X:00:00.00
RAM 0319 Byte Unsigned Little X0:00:00.00
RAM 051F Byte Unsigned Little jetpack frames
RAM 0521 Byte Unsigned Little jetpack display
System Bus 0000 Byte Unsigned Big X Pos
System Bus 0001 Byte Unsigned Big Y Pos
System Bus 0002 Byte Unsigned Big X Speed
System Bus 0003 Byte Unsigned Big Y Speed
System Bus 0004 Byte Unsigned Big X Subpix
System Bus 0005 Byte Unsigned Big Y Subpix
System Bus 0006 Byte Unsigned Big Fuel