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  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: qboy
  • Display name: Q Boy
  • Goodtools name: Q Boy
  • Game resources: GameResources/NES/QBoy

[Tier: Vault]NES Q Boy in 30:41.75 by dekutony & Alyosha.
FCEUX movie (.fm2) (date: 2016-07-04)
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- Takes damage to save time
- Heavy luck manipulation
- Unofficial game
- Genre: Platform
Q Boy is an unlicensed game created and released by Sachen in 1994. Despite what you may think, it is a completely original game.

This run by dekutony and Alyosha uses many tricks and Q Boy's versatile breath throughout the run to go just a bit faster than you would expect.

#28356656915552848 - Q Boy improved TAS - up to W2-bonus
Q Boy Full TAS v2_boss1andw2-1improved.fm2 (1.61MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-01-21 00:46:26 by dekutony (331 files)
For NES Q Boy (4 files)
In 31:15.51 [112716 frames], 6590 rerecords)
6029 views, 719 downloads
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#19630746186816282 - Q Boy Watch File
qboywatch.wch (149B Memory watch file)
Uploaded 2014-12-24 01:23:46 by dekutony (331 files)
For NES Q Boy (4 files)
7310 views, 565 downloads
Some useful addresses from the game.
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#17386910159990738 - Q Boy Full TAS Remake WIP3
Q Boy Full TAS Remake WIP3.fm3 (501kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-09-14 00:09:06 by dekutony (331 files)
For NES Q Boy (4 files)
In 31:17.57 [112840 frames], 6553 rerecords)
7849 views, 760 downloads
Optimized up to stage 4-2. 4 seconds saved so far.
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#16632293921183575 - original q boy full tas
Q Boy Full TAS-compact2.fm3 (383kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-08-11 00:31:36 by dekutony (331 files)
For NES Q Boy (4 files)
In 32:48.84 [118325 frames], 4249 rerecords)
9293 views, 741 downloads
lel i was such a noob
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This page is for all the tricks and useful info from the awesome, cute and really good pirated game Q Boy!!!

Memory Adresses

  • 0x0088: X On Screen
  • 0x0002: X Camera
  • 0x0089: Y Position

  • 0x00E6: X 1st Projectile Position
  • 0x00E3: 1st Projectile Counter

  • 0x00D2: Boss Health Points

  • 0x000B, 0x000C, 0x05D0: Controller Counters

ROM and RAM info about the game, found by Quick Curly


Death Hopping
Frame perfect. Press A on the right frame before hitting lava/spikes and you'll jump from them without taking damage.

Jumping when shooting
Just like Death hopping, you can jump while shooting or while charging a shot, allowing you to mantain a lot of your momemtum and saving significant amounts of time.

Jumping while tired
Q Boy gets tired after his power meter runs out. If you want to keep moving while this happens you have to do the same thing as death hopping, only your movement is a little bit more stricted.

Float Jump Management
This is a rather unique mechanic in Q Boy. Use this to jump from higher distances and more wide areas. Calculating when to use this move is key.

Damage Management
Taking damage is an useful way for an inmediate refill in Q Boy's power bar, it also saves time when getting tired. But you can only get hit 3 times, unless you get a heart.

Jumping Straight
Ways of jumping straight are either to not hold a direction, or press direction keys simultaneously on frame perfect inputs. This doesn't apply with falling, though.

Ledge Grabbing
With enough height, one can reach a block and cancel any falling/jumping animation.

Wind Blocks
In the game, there are blocks that can push you through 4 directions, of course, moving right is the prefered way.

Bumping Blocks
You can bump blocks in this game, and it can ruin your vertical momemtum a lot.

Water Boosting
Stage 2-4 has a unique mechanic where theres a water current where moves you very far from the screen, although you also take damage from.

Block Floating
Block+noblock+otherblock wakes you walk through the empty space between 2 blocks.

Shooting Combos
This is a cool mechanic where if you shoot an enemy, it gets pushed back. Against a wall, it kills it, but if you hit it agaisnt another enemy, a chain reaction can occur, very useful in the 1st boss.

  TODO: Research the hammer minigame + RNG. Add a crap ton of gifs as well...


Stage 2's Ice Physics:

While standing still, you slide at the direction Q Boy is currently facing. This is intended, but it can be abused on moments when you need to stand still.

Anti-slipping though, isn't. You need to move left or right while standing still to avoid this. Getting tired + a direction will cancel any sliding around.

Hovering in Midair
Exclusive to Stage 2, there is a glitch where when you get tired, and you don't press any direction keys, Q Boy will slide, but when he gets tired and he reaches the edge of a block, he'll... levitate for some reason.


A very specific trick involving frame perfection all around. Push left or right 1 frame, then push both left+right and press A in another frame (thanks emulation) at the same time, you'll jump backwards. Potentially saves time since you can move right while shooting enemies left, and viceversa.

  TODO: Add EVEN MORE gifs...


"Fake Lag"
Sometimes, Q Boy will stop moving when he lands on the ground. It only delays for 1 frame, although it's still unknown why this happens and how to avoid it.

The Ceiling
You can bump the ceiling, and get stuck horizontally in it... weird.

The Timer & Frame Rule
Improvements must be big to even counter the frame rule in the timer. If the timer doesn't stay at a certain number, it's almost worthless, if it does, then go for it. It's kinda complicated to figure out at first, but you can get the gist of it soon enough, it's just a matter of paying very close attention to the timer's number.

Random Game Crash
The game crashed on me once, on FCEUX, on Stage 1-1. Reasons of the crash are still unknown and currently it hasn't been replicated since.

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