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NES Q*bert

  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: qbert
  • Display name: Q*bert
  • Goodtools name: Q-bert
  • In group: Q*Bert

[Tier: Moons]NES Q*bert (USA) in 22:25.42 by unagi.
FCEU movie (.fcm) (date: 2014-08-23)
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- Genre: Platform
- Genre: Puzzle
Q*bert was originally an arcade video game developed and published by Gottlieb in 1982. It uses "isometric" graphics to create a pseudo-3D effect. The goal of the game is to color all the squares the designated color by stepping on them, while avoiding any enemies that come your way.

Originally made in 2008, watch as unagi quickly blazes through this puzzle game, coloring all squares while getting some unexpected help from a certain little bugger.