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NES Track & Field II

  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: trakfld2
  • Display name: Track & Field II
  • Goodtools name: Track & Field II
  • In group: Track & Field

[Tier: Vault]NES Track & Field II (USA PRG0) in 26:18.47 by DrD2k9 & link_7777.
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- Genre: Sport
Track & Field II is a game that allows the player to have an experience based around the Summer Olympic games. Playable events include fencing, the triple jump, swimming, diving, skeet shooting, pole vaulting, Tae Kwon Do, hammer throwing, canoing, archery, hurdles, and the horizontal bar.
#49601806105296726 - Track and Field II
Track and Field 2 (U).bk2 (44.5kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-09-03 19:32:16 by Evan0512 (5 files)
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In 32:07.09 [115816 frames], 938 rerecords)
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