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NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang

  • Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Abbreviation: walybear
  • Display name: Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
  • Goodtools name: Wally Bear and the No Gang

[Tier: Vault]NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang (USA) in 06:23.25 by Yep2yel.
FCEUX movie (.fm2) (date: 2015-04-28)
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- Unofficial game
- Genre: Platform
Wally Bear needs to find all of his friends for a party at his uncle's house. While this sounds simple enough, it puts him in danger from dive-bombing pigeons, rabid bulldogs and anthropomorphic animals who want to get him hooked on drugs and into a gang. Worst of all: he's still got to beat his curfew!

The game is designed to teach kids the dangers of doing drugs, gang banging and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Most obstacles can be avoided, but Wally can also bop enemies on the head with his skateboard. There are seven levels to traverse and two power ups to find, all while racing against the clock to help out Wally's friends.

Yep2yel makes a mockery of the game's tricky platforming by bunny hopping through it and finishing in record time.

#42863514396910327 - WaveFive_yt's Wally Bear and the No! Gang Light Spike
WallyBearandtheNoGang-LightSpike.bk2 (4.25kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-11-04 08:28:22 by Spikestuff (215 files)
For NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang (1 file)
In 06:35.46 [23767 frames], 1326 rerecords)
3081 views, 220 downloads
I hope the alias is actually WaveFire so we can get rid of the _yt.

Looking at the input for a light spiking, it's more A's spread about.

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