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PCE Gomola Speed

  • Platform: PCE (TurboGrafx 16)
  • Abbreviation: gomola
  • Display name: Gomola Speed
  • Goodtools name: Gomola Speed

[Tier: Moons][Fastest Completion]PCE Gomola Speed (JPN) in 12:45.34 by Mothrayas.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2016-11-09)
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Submission #5269 — Author's comments
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Rating: 7.9 (8 votes)
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- Takes damage to save time
- Genre: Action
- Genre: Puzzle
Award - Exotic platforms TAS of 2016
Gomola Speed is an action/puzzle PC Engine game, released in 1990 in Japan by UPL. Its gameplay is described as a cross of Snake, Flicky, Qix, and Gauntlet - you control a cyber-worm's head, have to collect segments to increase your worm's length, use it to encircle spheres of "food", and then reach the exit while dodging enemies along the way. This is done over the course of 25 Acts which throw several kinds of enemies, mazes, keys, power-ups, and bosses into the mix.

Mothrayas completes the 25 Acts in record time. Please read the author's comments for more details.

#33504485503049361 - Gomola Speed test/WIP
Gomola Speed (Japan).bk2 (3.41kB bk2 movie [PCE])
Uploaded 2016-09-08 20:47:27 by Mothrayas (113 files)
For PCE Gomola Speed (1 file)
In 02:27.44 [8821 frames], 10969 rerecords)
4409 views, 362 downloads
Clears first six acts.

Can probably be tightened up a bit, this game is really random.

Beats this WIP by 1842 frames.

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