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PSX Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

  • Platform: PSX (Sony PlayStation)
  • Abbreviation: RE3
  • Display name: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  • Goodtools name: Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis
  • In group: Resident Evil

Total movies: 2

[Tier: Moons]PSX Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (USA) "The Mercenaries" in 18:54.02 by arukAdo.
PCSX movie (.pxm) (date: 2009-12-21)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (size: 52.27 MB, length: 20:15)
Mirror www.archive.org
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Submission #2483 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.2 (18.5 votes)
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- Maximum kills
- Best ending
- Heavy luck manipulation
- Second quest/Post game-completion
- Starts from a saved state or SRAM
- Genre: Shooter
Join Carlos in a race to clean up the streets of Raccoon City and enjoy the architecture and the new wall colors in a quick run of this well-known minigame from Resident Evil 3.

The objective of the minigame is to reach a specified point in a set time limit which can be extended by defeating enemies. Needless to say, the timer never even comes close to running out here.

This run begins from a save state which has the minigame unlocked, which can be generated by replaying the author's run of the full game. This is not normally allowed by the site, though an exception can be made if prior approval is granted.

[Tier: Vault]PSX Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (USA) "best ending" in 1:07:25.52 by arukAdo.
PCSX movie (.pxm) (date: 2009-05-19)
MKV file via BitTorrent (size: 119.68 MB, length: 1:12:26)
Mirror www.archive.org
Watch on (www.dailymotion.com)
Submission #2210 — Author's comments
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Rating: 5.8 (24 votes)
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- Best ending
- Takes damage to save time
- Uses hardest difficulty
- Genre: Action
September 28th. Daylight... The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow... I'm still alive...

This third entry in the Resident Evil series follows Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Raccoon City. In addition to the hordes of zombies, she must also avoid a bio-organic weapon called the Nemesis, created by the evil Umbrella Corporation to hunt down and kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. team members for being witnesses of their unethical and illegal experiments in the first game.

#44854402190235392 - billygod's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Light Spike
ResidentEvil3Nemesis-LightSpike.bk2 (153kB bk2 movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2018-02-02 00:19:07 by Spikestuff (218 files)
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In 1:18:51.77 [280560 frames], 3950 rerecords)
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