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SGB Tetris Blast

  • Platform: SGB (Super Game Boy)
  • Abbreviation: tetrisbt
  • Display name: Tetris Blast
  • Goodtools name: Tetris Blast
  • In group: Tetris

[Tier: Moons]SGB Tetris Blast (USA) in 03:57.98 by Ryuto.
VBA movie (.vbm) (date: 2009-11-24)
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Rating: 6.2 (23 votes)
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- Genre: Puzzle
Who'd have thought playing Tetris could be such a Blast?

Tetris Blast is a spin on the classic Tetris formula. The new type of blocks, bomb blocks, detonate when they are part of a line that gets completed and destroy the blocks around them. A chain reaction of bomb block explosions or a carefully positioned square of four bomb blocks can take out the entire screen.

The author, Ryuto, manipulates luck and forms bomb block squares and explosion chain reactions to finish this game in just under 4 minutes.

This is the only Tetris Blast game released outside of Japan (where it is known as Bombliss). To see a run of one of the Bombliss games by the same author, watch this run.