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SNES Super Gussun Oyoyo

  • Platform: SNES (Super NES)
  • Abbreviation: supgusoy
  • Display name: Super Gussun Oyoyo
  • Goodtools name: Super Gussun Oyoyo
  • In group: Tetris

[Tier: Moons]SNES Super Gussun Oyoyo (JPN) in 07:26.33 by Ryuto.
snes9x movie (.smv) (date: 2009-12-20)
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Rating: 6.6 (15 votes)
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- One player in a multiplayer game
- Genre: Platform
- Genre: Puzzle
Super Gussun Oyoyo is a puzzle game best described as a mixture of Lemmings and Tetris. Two treasure hunters named Gussun and Oyoyo are exploring a dungeon when an earthquake occurs, causing the dungeon to begin sinking. The player controls blocks akin to Tetris pieces, leading Gussun to the dungeon exit before it submerges completely.

This run starts from stage 21, the latest possible stage that the game allows one to start on.

Publisher's note: There is a glitch in the sound between stage 30 and 32 inclusive which is a result of the run itself, and not of the encoding.