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The purpose of this page is to document all known tricks of the Nintendo DS video games Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent.

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Quick walljumping

When the player is in a shooting or slashing animation, he'll return to the wall quicker, allowing you to wall jump again earlier. This will speed up the wall jump process.
To optimize vertical speed release B for one frame when the vertical speed RAM address reaches -960, so that the speed goes like -1152 > -1088 > -1024 > -960 > -896 > 64 > -1152 > repeat.

Attack combos

In the ZX series certain moves can be chained into each other, ignoring (but resetting) invincibility.

Moves that can be combo'd:

  • Model X (ZX): First charge shot > second charge shot
  • Model ZX: Shot (regardless of charge) > Air slash > Air spin slash > Walk slash / Dash slash > Triple jab > Tenshouzan (ZXA)
  • Model H/HX: Tornado > Electric orb (ZX) > Air slash / Air dash slash > Walking slash / Dash slash> Triple jab
  • Model L/LX: Ice Dragon / Ice Platform (ZX) / Ice Block (ZXA) > Jump slash > Ground slash
  • Model F/FX: Two Buster shots (which arms are used is not important) > Megaton Punch / Fireball > Megaton Punch > Fireball (note: Megaton Punches or Fireballs must be hit closely after one another, or the combo won't land)
  • Model P/PX: Standard kunai, all four hits of a single button press > Cross Star
  • Model OX (ZX): Charge shot > OIS second charge shot > OIS Shinkuujin > Air Slash > Air spin slash > Walk slash / Dash slash > Triple jab > OIS Ryuuenjin
  • Model A (ZXA): Homing shot > Charge shot

Miscellaneous data

Horizontal movement speed

  • Models, Human and Reploid forms:
    • Accelerating from standing still to walk: 128 speed (0.5 pixels per frame), for 5 frames
    • Walking or moving in the air: 512 speed (2 pixels per frame)
    • Dashing, airdashing or dashjumping: 896 speed (3.5 pixels per frame)
    • Human swimming: 256 speed (1 pixel per frame)
    • For underwater speeds, multiply speed by 0,75. This does not count when using Model L, LX or OX.
  • Pseudoroid forms (ZXA):
    • Buckfire:
      • Standard dash: 768 speed (3 pixels per frame)
      • Attacking dash: 896 speed
      • Dashjumping: 896 speed
      • Buckfire does not slow down from being underwater
    • Chronoforce:
      • Swim: 512 speed
      • Dash: 896 speed
      • When releasing the dash or directional button, decelerates by 32 speed per frame.
      • Vertical swim speed is horizontal speed multiplied by 0,75.
    • Rospark:
      • Walk: 256 speed
      • Jump: 128 speed
      • Rospark does not slow down from being underwater

TODO: add other Pseudoroid forms

Vertical movement speed

  • Vertical speed decelerates by 64 speed every frame in the air, and 32 speed underwater
  • Jump starting speed:
    • Models, Human and Reploid forms: 1280
    • Buckfire: 1472
    • Rospark: 693
    • Vulturon: 1280
    • TODO: add other Pseudoroid forms
  • Airdashing upwards (Model H, HX): 768 speed (3 pixels per frame)
  • Vertical swimming speed:
    • Chronoforce (ZXA):
      • Normal: 384 speed
      • Dash: 672 speed
      • After releasing the up/down and/or dash button, decreases speed by 24 per frame
  • Max falling speed on land: 1791
  • Max falling speed in water: 896

RAM Watch values

Mega Man ZX

RAM address Description
0214FBA4 Player invincibility counter
0214FC38 Weapon charge 1
021510AA Boss Health
0215109C Boss invincibility counter
02108B90 RNG

Mega Man ZX Advent

RAM address Description
02169D35 X position (2 bytes)
02169D31 Y position (2 bytes)
02169CCC X speed (in 256th subpixels per frame) (2 bytes)
02169CD0 Y speed (in 256th subpixels per frame) (2 bytes)
02169DA0 Weapon charge 1
02169DA1 Weapon charge 2
02169D1A Health
02169E20 Biometal Energy Meter
02169DE8 E-Crystal Counter (2 bytes)
02169D98 Dash length
0216A3A2 Boss Health (2 bytes)
0216A394 Boss invincibility counter
02178F00 Ingame timer (4 bytes)

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