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Timmy is an Average Kid that no one understands...


Ultra Shooting (aka. Touhou Gun)

Shooting in this game is slow, with only being able to shoot 4 times on an empty space, but with a specific frame setup, it can extend from 3 to 5 times more.

(Link to video)
To perform this, you need to press direction input + different direction input + a bunch of turbo B button inputs. The direction before the B input will be the direction that the shots will be leading to. This is extremely useful to kill enemies insanely faster than usual. Ultra shooting oddly doesn't affect the game's framerate, but it can affect your precision and accuarcy on where to shoot or what to shoot. Ultra shooting can make some other combinations like these:

High Jumps

By simply doing a bunch of turbo A button inputs, Timmy will jump higher than a full input jump. It also lets you go to farther distances as well. This can lead to better shooting strategies.

AMBUSH Fairies

On the AMBUSH!, or GREAT! moments, a frame before it spawns, you can call Cosmo/Wanda and save few time.

Difficulty Differences

TODO: Put all differences from the thread so far and add/explain them here.

Memory Addresses

For VBA:
Address Action
0201E0D8 X Speed (possibly)
0201D31C Y Speed (possibly)
0201D341 Jumping Height Value
0201E0D9 X Position
02031D7A Y Position

Watchfile: http://tasvideos.org/userfiles/info/18097286621346963

TODO: Add a bunch of loads of gifs. Also more RAM addresses but for BizHawk.

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