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This page lists tricks and info for Survival Kids (GBC).

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Possible endings

It is possible to save a game, obtain an ending and then load that saved game to go on to obtain other endings. This means you can do an "all endings" run.

Item list

  0 Axe
  1 Axe
  2 Umbrella Leaf
  3 Fox Cap
  4 Bear Cap
  5 Deer Cap
  6 Umbrella Leaf
  7 Fox Cap
  8 Bear Cap
  9 Deer Cap
  10 Fishing Rod
  11 Hammer
  12 Knife
  13 Bow
  14 Bow
  15 Clam
  16 Baked Clam
  17 Rotten Clam
  18 Delicacy
  19 Preserved Clam
  20 Hollow Mushroom
  21 Plain Mushroom
  22 Soft Mushroom
  23 Color Mushroom
  24 Full Mushroom
  25 Bad Mushroom
  26 Hard Berry
  27 Round Berry
  28 Soft Berry
  29 Healing Nut
  30 Big Berry
  31 Weird Berry
  32 Thin Grass
  33 Short Grass
  34 Damp Grass
  35 Dry Grass
  36 Sharp Grass
  37 Heal Grass
  38 Bad Grass
  39 Hard Fruit
  40 Slick Fruit
  41 Sweet Fruit
  42 Moist Fruit
  43 Vital Fruit
  44 Full Fruit
  45 Super Vital Fruit
  46 Spoiled Fruit
  47 Big Fish
  48 Small Fish
  49 Big Baked Fish
  50 Small Baked Fish
  51 Rotten Fish
  52 Preserved Fish
  53 Egg
  54 Cooked Egg
  55 Rotten Egg
  56 Meat
  57 Cooked Meat
  58 Rotten Meat
  59 Preserved Meat
  60 Honey
  61 Poison Clam
  62 Poison Fish
  63 Poison Meat
  64 Rock
  65 Board
  66 Big Rock
  67 Big Fan
  68 Big Leaf
  69 Big Stick
  70 Charm
  71 Mask
  72 Sun Key
  73 Moon Key
  74 Star Key (Right)
  75 Star Key (Left)
  76 Star Key
  77 Palace Key
  78 Dried Leaf
  79 Tree Bark
  80 Stick
  81 Nail
  82 Necklace
  83 Lumber
  84 Flex Tree
  85 Tree Sap
  86 Canteen
  87 Torch
  88 Ivy
  89 Fishing Gut
  90 Iron Lump
  91 Iron Chunk
  92 Battery
  93 Pointy Rock
  94 Bird Feather
  95 Bird Feather
  96 Trash
  97 Costume
  98 Jump Rope
  99 Lotus Leaf
  100 Panel
  101 Flint
  102 Kindling
  103 Pendant
  104 Broom
  105 Star Gem
  106 Triangle Gem
  107 Square Gem
  108 Round Gem
  109 Rhombus Gem
  110 Oval Gem
  111 Moon Gem
  112 Eye Gem
  113 Match
  114 Whip
  115 Arrow
  116 Baseball Gear
  117 Working Radio
  118 Radio
  119 Hollow Baked Mushroom
  120 Plain Baked Mushroom
  121 Soft Baked Mushroom
  122 Color Baked Mushroom
  123 Full Baked Mushroom

Misc info

Energy and daytime management

Throughout your run, you want to pay attention to the life, fatigue, hunger and water addresses. If your life reaches 0, it's gameover. Pick up nearby berries and other food to keep those values high. You can also make use of the sleeping/resting options when in a shelter. You can sleep/rest/rest enough or even rest twice (which is faster than sleeping once).

On some days, there is rain which makes you stop for 10 seconds to tell that you need an umbrella leaf. So you should avoid those days or bring an umbrella leaf with you.

Keep grasses cut

When cutting grass and then re-entering the area, there is an "every other frame" chance that the grass will have grown again. By making sure to re-enter on a good frame, you can keep grasses cut.

Trigger Skip

This is a good timesaver in speedruns.

Text glitch

At the beginning of the game, there is a trigger where the player will talk a bit and then enter the hut and talk some more. The dialogue in the hut is based on the text pointer that has been set at the trigger. You can use the Trigger Skip to bypass the trigger and perform a certain action to display different text (i.e. set the text pointer to something else) and then manually enter the hut to make the game run different text. In some cases, it will glitch out completely or crash.

The listed effects below are based on what action you performed before entering the hut.


VBA 24m Bizhawk-Gambatte Real console
US version EU version JP version US version EU version JP version US version EU version JP version
Use match Blue text freeze
Eat thin grass Lot of glitched text, graphically glitched menu
Inspect fire you set Blue text freeze
Use sword against tree Blue text freeze
Get battery Blue text freeze
Use mask Blue text freeze
Use costume Blue text freeze
Use big fan Blue text freeze
Use charm Blue text freeze
Use trash Blue text freeze
Use broom Different glitched text and freezes
Use jumping rope Different glitched text and freezes
Use whip Different glitched text and freezes
Use baseball gear Different glitched text and freezes
Use flint Glitched texts and game resets itself in SGB mode
Use fox cap Blue border textbox freeze
Use bear cap Blue border textbox freeze
Use deer cap Blue border textbox freeze
Use big rock on swimming fish twice Crash. Can cause a reset with heavily glitched graphics
Hard reset Glitched texts and game resets itself in SGB mode

TODO:Test other versions and systems.

Memory addresses

$c5ee Life
$c5f0 Hunger
$c5f2 Water
$c5f4 Fatigue
$c5f6 Other kid's affection
$7000~700b Inventory items
$d904 Player X-Pos
$d905 Player Y-Pos
$c19e Daytime (0:morning,1:noon,2:evening,3:night)
$c6fd Animal spawns when this address reaches 120
$c19d Time (Morning, noon, evening take 250 steps each. Night takes 190 steps.)
$cb9c # Day


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