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Game Resources / G Bx / Wario Land 3

RAM Addresses

Address Description
0xCA61 Y sector
0xCA62 Y position within sector
0xCA63 X sector
0xCA64 X position within sector
0xCA87 Y relative to screen edge
0xCA88 X relative to screen edge
0xCD00-0xCDFF Storage of tile property table. Each tile property is 2 bytes. Tile ID of 0x00 is at 0xCD00, ID of 0x01 is at 0xCD02, etc. After IDs of 0x7F it just starts wrapping around.

Tile Properties

A list of tile properties courtesy of Drenn's WL3 editor. The list is fairly complete but there may be some missing. Anything far outside of this range is probably glitched.

ID Description
0x4020 Nothing
0x4032 Solid block
0x409F-0x4163 Slope
0x41AC Water
0x41C8-0x41F8 Water currents
0x4208 Platform
0x423F Underwater platform
0x4262 Enemy-only platform
0x428C Switch
0x42C3 Ladder body
0x42E5 Ladder top (can stand on)
0x42FE Ladder warp
0x4336-0x4402 Spikes
0x442A-0x4461 Up-facing pipe
0x44FC-0x4533 Down-facing pipe
0x45CB Regular door
0x45FA Golf door
0x46F9 Underwater door
0x477E Level exit door
0x47B0 Warp
0x47DE Underwater warp
0x4821 Light/garlic
0x484C Quicksand
0x48BA Impassable by enemies
0x48E0 Fire
0x4934 Rope/vine
0x4997 Slippery block
0x49AE Slippery platform
0x49FB-0x4A17 Breakable (coin appears)
0x4AA6-0x4C7C Breakable by snowball
0x4CB4-0x4CD0 Breakable
0x4D60-0x4D7C Hard breakable
0x4E2A-0x500F 2x2 breakable
0x50E8-0x5330 2x2 hard breakable
0x53FB-0x5417 Breakable by throwing
0x544B-0x5467 Breakable by fire
0x5497-0x54B3 Breakable by fat
0x5520-0x55D7 Breakable by string

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