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Gremlins 2 is a game for the NES, based on the movie with the same name. There is no Gremlins 1 game for the NES, however some Atari consoles recieved them.

Useful RAM addresses

Address Set #7: Gremlins 2
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Download .wch file for: BizHawk
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus 0040 Word Unsigned Big X coordinate
System Bus 0043 Word Unsigned Big Y coordinate
System Bus 00AD Byte Unsigned Big Gizmo's health
System Bus 0360 Byte Unsigned Big Boss health
System Bus 050C Byte Unsigned Big Number of balloons
System Bus 056C Word Unsigned Little Crystals

Major/minor indicates a 16-bit value. The "major" value is multiplied by 256 (240 in the case of the Y-coordinate) and the "minor" value is added to that.


(paraphrased from the TAS submission)

Movement: Gizmo always moves at 1.5 pixels per frame, no matter what direction. This means zig-zagging is just as fast as walking straight.

Stage finish boost: After finishing a stage, you can walk around while the music is still playing. The way Gizmo is facing when the music stops will give a 1 frame boost in that direction in the next stage.

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