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These are various strategies discovered for the opponent Bald Bull 2. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

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adelikat Strat (0 Dozer)

(Link to video)

This is a strategy I came up with in 2005 that could achieve a sub 1:27 time (which was then a world record). The only randomness is having him go into the "ear rub" pattern in phase 2 after the 2nd hook. There is precisely a 25% (1/4) chance of him going into this pattern.

The real advantage to this strat is that it twice relies on a failed "bull dozer" technique which could yield random stars. If one or both of these succeed it transposes into the single or double dozer techniques with drastically lower times.

Single Dozer

(Link to video)

This is a variation of the strategy I came up with in 2005 that could achieve a sub 1:27 time (which was then a world record). The strategy twice attempts the "bull dozer" technique (a trick developed by Matt Turk). Should these fail it still achieves a fast time but should they succeed it can result in even lower times. This video demonstrates a 1:21.97 time resulting from one successful bull dozer technique.

This video depends on a random "ear rub" pattern (1/4 chance) and a random star (1/16) thus the odds of succeeding in this strategy is 1/64 or roughly a 1.5% chance of success.

While this strategy is possible in real time this movie is Tool-assisted and represents a frame perfect version of this strategy.

Double Dozer

(Link to video)
Should both bull dozer attempts in the strategy succeed then you have the "double dozer" technique. This would lead to a time as low as 1:18.25 and a new world record!

The odds of this strategy succeeding is quite low however. It depends on the "ear rub" pattern (1/4) and two 1/16 random stars so a total of 1/1024 or roughly a 0.09% chance of success.

TAS Strat

The TAS strat utilizes many random stars in order to achieve a 1:08.97 time. The randomness of this strat is such that a human will likely never achieve this.

The strat uses 9 random punches in phase 1, however, the same time can be achieved with 8. There are 2 random punches in phase 2 and 3 in phase 3. That's a total of 13 random punches that must land. Each punch is a 1/16 chance of success so the total odds of getting this randomness is 1 / 4,503,599,627,370,496!

The Bull dozer Technique

This is a technique developed by Matt Turk to get "random" punches to land on Bald Bull and yield stars. When he goes into his ear rub pattern, do a left punch to his but, then tab up+b to throw a punch to his face. If you get lucky, the punch will land and Bull will give up a star. The chance of this trick working is 1/16.


Punches to Bald Bull's face of a random chance of landing and giving a star. These are success full when the upper nibble of the RNG (0x0018) is F. Thus there is a 1/16 chance of success when landing these punches.

The random star strats depend on Bald Bull going into his "Ear Rub" pattern in phase 2. This will happen when the lower nibble of the RNG (0x0018) is 4, D, E, or F. Thus there is a 1/4 chance of this happening.

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