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Jonas Fredriksson, A.K.A. Highness.

This is MY ego page here at nesvideos. I wish here to add status about current projects, add info about glitches and stuff that Me, Myself and I likes.


Submitted runs

Published movies

Current projects:

  • Secret (Genesis) (I'd like to keep it secret for now)
Ok.. So I have made further progress, and remade some crappy parts. Status is: ~62% completion.

I'm about 5% done with this game since I reseted just two days ago. Stay tuned. -Updated December 14th 2008.

Stalled projects, but ment to be continued

  • Wonder Boy III - In monster lair (Genesis)
    • Status: Still at bee-hive.

Dead projects:

  • Currently nothing

Upcoming projects or projects I want to do

  • A V3 Mystic Defender (Genesis).
    • I think I might know of a slight time saver that could save some second perhaps.

  • A V2 Legend of Toki (A.K.A. Juju Densetsu) (Genesis)
    • Current version has some sloppy or goofy parts, so there is much room for improvement.

  • Alien storm (Genesis)
    • A very good game for Sega Genesis. I wanna do a 2p run for it without taking damage and get A rank for both characters.

  • Decap Attack (Genesis)
    • Awesome platform game, sort of Psycho Fox-like for SMS.

  • Dune - The battle for arrakis (Genesis).
** There is a nasty bug, either in the rom or in Gens that makes an aweful sound some times. Also this game is target for desyncs because of unknown reason.

I have been fiddling around with this slightly to get the hang of it. It will be a hard game to optimize and control in fully since there are a lot of luck to manipulate.

  • Phantasy star 2 (Genesis)
** Some tests were made by me. But this game is currently subject to desyncs of unknown reasons. Looks like one cannot be too accurate when recording/re-recording.

Someone did tests on this game, and desyncs doesn't seem to happen any more. However skipping each and every fight makes the game boring.

  • A V2 of Superman (Genesis)
    • First run was made slightly before frame advance was invented. It was released as I had progressed alot in this game and therefor I didn't know it's true powers. There are rooms for optimizing this run for sure.

  • Risk (Genesis)
    • A very good game that I've played alot as a kid, on a regular board though, not video game. This game is subject to show how fast it can be won. Tests have shown that it can be won in 4 turns. The question is if it can be broken in 3 turns? If broken in 4 turns, how fast and effective will this be? Will it be faster than 5 or more turns? Alot is needed to be tested before a final release.

  • Altered Beast 2p run (Genesis)
    • 1 player controlls 2 players.

  • The Terminator (Genesis)
    • A very crappy game which I played when I was a kid. A must! :D

  • Pooyan (NES)
    • A game that I played alot at my friends place when I was a kid. It was one of those pirate cartridges with ALOT of games on them. I ran into the name while googling around and felt that I have to pass it on. It's a very simple game, so I hope I can make some very constructive run out of this.

Runs that I have encoded:

Runs that I want to see made

  • Caveman games (NES)

* Chrono trigger (SNES)

* Final Fantasy 4 (SNES)

* Final Fantasy 5 (SNES) (Preferrably an english translation hack)

* Final Fantasy 6 (SNES)

  • Secret of Mana (SNES)
  • Phantasy star 2 (Genesis)
  • Phantasy star 4 (Genesis)
* A new Super Metroid any percentage run (SNES)

* Psycho fox (SMS)

  • A 100% run of Super Puzzle fighters (PSX)

Contact info

  • ICQ: 7865711
  • MSN: the_highness@hotmail.com

Wishes for the future

* ePSXe with recording/re-recording support
  • Dosbox with re-recording support
* A good Sega Master System emulator with re-recording support

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