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How To Run Btfriend In Windows

This page explains how to run the btfriend.py script mentioned at the Helping page for always automatically seeding the most urgently seed-needing movies.

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1. Download and install Python

Download the latest available stable release of Python at: http://www.python.org/download/

The default options for installation are ok.

2. Install Bittorrent source code

Download the Bittorrent source code from the official homepage of Bittorrent: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/download.html

Extract the downloaded package in an appropriate directory such as: C:\bittorrent

This is needed by btfriend.py, and it also provides the handy btlaunchmany program that downloads+uploads many files simultaneously without user intervention.

3. Download btfriend.py

btfriend.py is the program that periodically checks the tracker for list of movies that most urgently need seeding. It downloads the .torrent files automatically and juggles them to have btlaunchmany always uploading the most important set of movies.

Download btfriend.py from: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/src/btfriend.py and copy it to your bittorrent source directory, specified in step 2.

4. Run the programs

Open a Dos shell (MS-DOS prompt, or whatever), then browse to where your videos are or want to be. Make sure there is no .torrent files there.

Example, if your directory is D:\VIDEOS, then you should type:

  cd videos
To start the seeder, type:
  start C:\bittorrent\btlaunchmany.py D:\videos
where C:\bittorrent\ is the directory of Bittorrent source (see step 2) and D:\videos is where your videos are or want to be.

To start the seed controller, type:

  start C:\bittorrent\btfriend.py
Hint: Instead of retyping all of these commands every time your Windows has crashed, you can create a batch file that contains the commands. You can make the batch file as a quickstart icon for easy access.
The batch file can look like this:

  cd videos
  start c:\bittorrent\btlaunchmany.py . --max_upload_rate 5
  start c:\bittorrent\btfriend.py
What happens now is that the btfriend.py process will be keeping track of which movies to seed, and saving/deleting automatically the appropriate .torrent files in your movie directory (d:\videos in this example) and btlaunchmany will be seeding all movies whose .torrent files appear in the given directory.
You can monitor the traffic amounts in the btlaunchmany window.


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